Who Can Solve This Riddle?

I just want to let you know, on Friday at midnight  I will be uploading a blog where  I will be talking about  a personal experience that happened a few years ago. On Saturday at 6 am, I will be uploading a poem about how I feel about Christmas. I have a couple of poems I will be uploading next week as well. During the month of December, I will be doing a lot of uploading  to keep you all entertained. I just want to thank all of my followers and  I am grateful for every one of you and I wish you all success that blogging will open many doors for you in the future.

I decided do write a poetry riddle so you can understand my unique though pattern. I wrote a short mini poem but the problem is, the poem is incomplete. There are six blanks and I need your help in order to complete this poem. Help me to fill in the banks of this poem. If you can figure out at least 4/6 , I will personally write a special blog  about you, giving you a shout out of course, my favorite post on your blog, and what I love most about the design on your home page. Well  scroll down and help me complete this poem.

I’m dressed in all black, black jeans, ski mask
and black hoodie when planning a robbery
with tactics that are intelligent.
I’m black and my intelligence is underrated
like 1) _____________.
I have to rob because money feeds the belly
and I’m hungry so on deck I always have a 2) _____________. and leave these victims afraid
like 3) ___________.
My guns are big and thick like uncle 4) ___________
and I love to kill leaving the scene bloody
and nasty like 5) ______________
I’ll do anything because the only thing that matters is the green paper and I’m a paper chaser
I’m cold hearted and mean like 6) ______________
and if you don’t understand my plan
than fuck ya.


This poem is about typical young man in the hood doing whatever he gotta do to to survive.  I know most of you reading this are confused or don’t have a clue on how to solve. I am going to be a nice guy a give a few hints.

In order to solve this riddle, you must know what a double entendre is. For those of you that don’t know, a double entendre is a word or expression used in a given context so that it can be understood in two ways.

An example of a double entendre

“Even though, I’m a killer, my heart is big like whales” now allow me to break this statement down.

Now technically this is a triple entendre. I’m killer meaning I take lives, and heart is big meaning I can be warm hearted and I’m comparing my heart to whales because whales as well are big and most importantly killer whale is a type of whale and killer whales are the biggest whales. Killer,big whales and heart have a connection. So now read that statement again “Even though, I’m a killer, my heart is big like whales” it makes sense now right. In fact click  here “The Use Of Double Entendre” to read all the double entendres I provided in poetry format.


When solving my poetry riddle, always have a strategy. Well look at the poem and use process of elimination. I will give you a hint, number 4 and number 5 rhyme with each other. Number 4 is the easiest one. Number 4 is a character on a popular sitcom TV and number 4 is also a cartoon character on a nickelodeon show. In fact all the six blanks are cartoon characters of a nickelodeon show. Once you figure out the nickelodeon show, you will figure this poem out no problem. Number two as well is a double entendre.

For those of you reading this, you are lucky because I gave obvious hints. But the next riddle I write won’t be as easy. Comment below the six words to the six blanks. By the way, if you give me incorrect answers, then I will put you on punishment and no blogging for a month. Lol jk don’t mind me, but comment below the six missing words to this poem. I will post the answers to this blog, on Monday at midnight.

A Fun Game To Play With Your Significant Other

I hoped everybody had a good Thanksgiving. These four days went by fast. Christmas is next month which is the worst holiday of the year. I hate it this time of year. Comment below if you hate Christmas lol. Well just want to let you know on Wednesday, I will be uploading a riddle in poetry format where you will have to fill in the blanks. On Friday, December 1st I will talk about  a personal experience of mine and share it with you and Saturday December 2nd, I will upload a Christmas poem and how I really feel about Christmas lol. I have alot of interesting blogs coming this week so be on the look out for Wedenday, Friday, and Saturday.

“Would you Rather” is a fun ice breaker game you can play with anyone, anywhere. You need at least two players to play this game. This game is great way to spend time with your significant other.  It will definitly makes the night alot more exciting and this is great way to get to understand your partner alot better.
But you can play this game with a group of friends as well.
    Now this is how you play this game. You will choose either yourself or your signficant other to go first. The player that goes first, will choose a question that begans with “Would you rather?” and provide two scenarios to choose from. Would you rather questions can be funny, sexual, deep, nasty, or violent. Let’s say you choose to go first, you would ask your signficant other a question then your significant other answer the question you asked. Then it will be your signficant other’s turn and your significant other will ask you a question. You can play this game for as long as you like
For those that are confused or not sure what type of questions to ask your partner, I will post some good examples of questions that would have you thinking?

1. Would you rather break up with someone or have someone breakup with you? To be honest I rather break up with someone but what would you rather do?
2.Would you rather be poor and attractive or rich and ugly? I rather be rich and ugly but what would you rather?
3. Would you rather never experience true love but have sex anywhere anytime or experienced true but never have sex again ever? This is a tough question in fact I wrote a blog about this two months ago
4. Would you rather have a best friend or a spouse? I rather a best friend but what do you perfer?
5. Would you rather sleep naked everyday for the rest of your life or go outside public naked for 15 minutes? I rather go sleep naked everyday for the rest of my life what do you perfer?
6.Would you rather be in heaven right now if you had the chance or would you rather live a long life? I rather be in heaven now but what about you?
7.Would you rather eat breakfast 3 times a day or dinner 3 times a day? I would rather breakfast 3 times a day what do you perfer?
8. Would you rather scarfice your life for others or scarfice everybody’s life? I would scarfice my own life what about you?
9. Would you rather  meet people online or do you perfer the old fashioned way where you go out in public and meet people? I perfer the old fashioned way, what do you perfer?
10.Would you rather go fight in a war for two years or go to prison for two years? I would rather go to war for two years what do you perfer?
11. Would you rather work 4 days a week 10 hour days or 5 days a week 8 hour days? I would rather work 4 days a week 10 hour days what do you perfer?
12. Would you rather be a baby forever or a old person and when I say old I’m talking about 80 and above?
Tbh I don’t know, what would you rather?
13. Would you rather go four days without eating or four days without sleeping? I would rather go four days without eating, but what would you rather?                            14. Would you rather get cheated on or cheat? I rather get cheated on but what about you?                                                          15. Would you rather have sex and use protection with someone of the opposite sex that’s HIV positive or kiss someone of the same sex(This question is for the people attracted to the opposite sex) I would rather have sex and use protection with someone that was HIV positive.  This was the toughest one  for me but what would you rather?

These are questions that you can use as a guide when playing this game with your signficant other. 

Why don’t comment below and come up with a would you rather question for me and I will answer  and also comment below and tell me which of the 15 would you rather questions was most challenging to answer?

Lame People

I just want to wish everybody a Happy Thanksgiving. One of the things I am grateful for is my poetry and the opportunity for to share my poetry through blogging . On Monday November 28th at midnight, I will be uploading a blog “Would You Rather” which is a game in which I  will describe in detail how to play. On Wednesday November 30th I will be uploading another riddle. For those of you that likes riddles, Solve This Riddle And Fill In The Blanks  click on the link and solve my riddle.Read More »

Don’t Give Or Receive 

Just to let u know, I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving break just so I can rest. I could care less about the food, hell if it was up to me I would order pizza.  But anyway just letting you know, I won’t be posting until next Monday November 28. My blog on the 28th would be a blog on “Would you rather” game. This is a game you can play with your friends and signficant other. I will explain the rules in the blog when I  post this blog next week. Since I won’t be blogging for the next four days, today I will upload two blogs today. The two are poems that are very relatable and I think you will enjoy this poem. This blog is the “Don’t give or receive” poem and later at 6pm I will upload  a poem about my definition of being a lame.
Wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!
Side note: To all people reading this, do you actually Turkey?
I find Turkey to be overated, I don’t see what the big hype is at all 



They say it’s better to give than receive.

But the ones who give as well

would like to receive.

You give and you want to feel appreciated.

Your gratuide you choose to demonstrate it,

to please the lord,

but people ask for more

and expect to receive more

They take your kindness for weakness

and take an advantage.

Once they receive more,

they vanish.

Now feeling under appreciated

thinking common courtesy is overrated.

Don’t you get sick and tired

of being submissive?

A lot times people discover

your weakness.

The weakness

they see

in you

is the lack of common sense,

but to you,

you’re just being honest

to a so called friend.

So called friends pretend

to hear

but they don’t listen.

Ignore your feelings

when you bleeding,

when you need healing

Their true colors

are now revealing.

This whole time,

they been deceiving,

they been concealing

the truth.

The truth is

they don’t give a fuck about you.

Strangers will sometimes do

more for you

than friends

you consider family.

They receive

until you have

no more to give.

Betray you with

a kiss

to be loyal

to somebody else

they can receive

more from.

You gave your last

plate of food


but received only crumbs.

We now feel dumb.

The feeling you get

at prom

when your dress or

tuxedo been covered in punch.

The feeling you get

at school

when you had no money

to eat lunch.

The feeling when

you out of deodorant

so armpits smell

like must.

When this happens,

can you get

back on your feet

and adjust

like daylight saving times

ended an we have to

adjust the clocks.

Think about it

like this,

If a guy told you

he was HIV positive

Would you suck his cock?

Of course not

Or at least I hope not

So the lesson of

all of this is

in order to get rid

fake friends

Don’t expect to receive

and act like you


so people don’t expect

you to give.

Come on now,

use your common sense.

When People ask for help

My father told me

to Just pray for them

because you have your

own problems.

Lesson is only God

can solve problems.






A Challenge I Offer To Married Couples

I just want to say on Wednesday, November 22, I will be uploading two blogs. The two blogs are poems I will be uploading and these are  poems that I think most people will definitely relate to . The first poem “Don’t Give Or Receive” will be uploaded at midnight on November 22 and the other poem “Lame People” will be uploaded at 6 p.m. on November 22. So take a look out for those two poems because these poems have a message behind it that I think you can relate to. I just want to thank all my followers and any other bloggers that read my blogs. It means a lot and I hope all of you married couples think about this challenge I am going to offer.


Life is boring without challenges from time to time. Challenges build character and gives you discipline. For those of you that are married, why don’t you challenge your marriage and your spouse. To strengthen your marriage you have to challenge it. Like taking a test in school, once the teacher teaches you the lesson, the teacher gives you a test to see if the students were paying attention and to see if they can apply what they learn. But everywhere you head in life, you will always be tested. Sometimes your being tested and you might not even know that you’re being tested.

So to the married couples, why don’t you challenge yourselves and your marriage. Offer a challenge to your spouse and go 30 days without having any sexual intercourse. No oral sex, fondling, caressing, nothing at all. Hell, you can’t even masturbate or play with yourselves for 30 days. To strengthen your marriage, go 30 days without having sex. I have a twist, for the next 30 days since you and your spouse won’t participate in any sexual activities, you and spouse must read erotic fiction or erotic poetry to each other for about 15 minutes a day for the next 30 days and you and your spouse will shower together on day 1, day 15, and day 30. On the days where you shower together with your spouse, no touching or kissing will be allowed in the shower. You and and your spouse will observe each other as if your looking at a picture in a  art gallery. This will really build up the sexual tension between the both of you. If you not sure where to you can find erotic fiction to read , there is book I posted  below that you should check out and read to your spouse


Buy this book when you get the chance and everyday you and your spouse should take turns reading a chapter at night for 15 minutes for 30 days straight and no sex for 30 days.  If you can go for 30 days, then go for another 30 days and try for 60 days. If you can 60 days, go for another 30 days and try for 90 days. But 90 days is the most I would push. To be honest I don’t think most of you that are married could go more than a week lol but hey prove me wrong.


Do you think you can handle this challenge?

I offer another challenge. Unlike the first challenge, this challenge is the opposite where you will have sex for thirty days straight. You can’t miss one day for thirty days straight. But here is the twist, both spouses have to orgasm at least once a day for thirty days. For example, let’s say a man have sex with his wife and he ejaculated after 2 mins, if his wife didn’t get an orgasm then it doesn’t count until he finds a way to make her cum or get an orgasm. On day 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 you must introduce something new to spice up your sex life rather it be handcuffs,blindfold, tying your hands to the bed post, whoop cream, sex toys or it could be having sex at a new location like the hotel, the laundry room, the backyard, on the stairs, or in the basement. Get creative and learn something new.

Now I recommend you do both challenges. Try the 30 day sex challenge after you complete the 30  day not having sex challenge. I have a question and this is for the married couples , if you had to pick between 30 day sex challenge or 30 day not having challenge, which one would you pick(If you not comfortable, you don’t have to comment) ?

How To Please the Ladies

I just want to let you know that on Tuesday I will be uploading my next blog “A challenge in your marriage ” which will talk about a clever way to strengthen your marriage but it will not be easy. Make sure you check that out. I will be posting Tuesday at midnight. I want to thank all my followers that support and take interest my blogs and God bless you all. I hope you enjoy reading this blog. Have a wonderful day ☺!

For every man that have a lady

I know you love her
but are you getting bored lately?
Listen to me,
take her out on date
and spray her favorite cologne
on your face.
Go to a classy restaurant
have her  wear a dress
and tell her you admire her shape.
Wear a suit
with some alligator shoes.
Open the car door
and make sure she has leg room.
In the car
tell her you love
the smell of her perfume.
When going inside
the restaurant
open the door for her
and let  her in first.
While waiting to be seated
converse with her
and laugh with her.
Once you are seated
and situated
make sure to be
a gentleman.
Never use your hands
that’s what the knife and fork
is for.
Eat with style
while you flirt with her.
Order some wine
and make a toast to her.
To many more years
and tell her you love her.
You now pay the check
getting ready to leave
and it’s  raining.
She don’t have an
Have her stay in the restaurant
and pull the car to the front
of the restaurant.
Open the car door,
let her in
and let her
listen to whatever she wants.
So finally you made it home
and open her car door
and hold her hand while
leading her to your home.
A quiet night and you two are alone.
Turn on the stero
and play a R &B song.
Ask her if she enjoyed the dinner
and when she speaks,
listen to her.
Then ask her another type
of question.
It can be any type of
question as long as
it’s appropriate
and just think for
a minute
so you can dwell on
how happy and harmonious
the relationship.
Now as she is talking,
cut her off
by going in for a kiss.
Catching her off guard
and being romantic
at close distance,
the women love this.
Slightly touch and caress
but start from the hips.
While doing that
kiss her neck
and just embrace
the sound of her moans
while still listening
to R&B songs.
Tell her that you
love her and tonight you will
open up to her.
Show her that you are a freak
and don’t be afraid to take the lead.
Man up and
rub  and her feet,
but only for a little while.
I’m a tell you a little secret
she been wet for miles
since the resturant.
Give her everything she wants.
She been telling you
all along she want to use
a blindfold.
So out of your
back pocket
pull out the blindfold
and cover her eyes.
Get the rope
from the basement
and tie her hands.
Now slightly and gently
take off her pants,
but do it slightly.
Don’t do it fast,
don’t act like a rookie.
Take her panties off
and finger the cookie.
Use two fingers and
finger her deeply
like a ‘come here motion’
to stimulate the g spot.
She is begging you
not to
Now ask her
“Are you ready for me
to eat the box?”
She says oh yes please
do me now!
So now guess what you do now?
You tell her to hold on
you going to get the
whoop cream.
She says  hurry please.
But forget all that,
leave her like that
to suffer
Go to your room and go on Xbox live
and play NBA 2k live
and leave her there for hours.
Then text that you love her
and happy anniversary.
This right here  my friends
is how you please the ladies
Tease them
until you don’t need them.

Please comment below and tell me how you would love

to have a anniversary date like this ☺☺ with your significant other. I challenge all the men to try this

A Story About A Couple On Their 5th Date Part 2

I just want to let my followers and others know, that on Monday I will be uploading a poem “How To Please The Ladies”. This poem will demonstrate step by step on how to plan the perfect date for your lady. Be on the look out for that on Monday, November 20th. I just want to thank all my new followers  that followed me  within the last 3 days I want to thank my followers that have been following me since day 1. I wrote this story for you to read and enjoy. I hope you enjoy reading this and I wish everybody a wonderful day.


For those of you that haven’t read part 1, please do so. A Story About A Couple On Their 5th Date  , I just added the link please click and read because it was a funny story with a funny twist at the end and part 2 won’t make any sense if you didn’t read part 1. Please read part 1 first.

The following characters in this poem/story/play

NARRATOR: Story Teller

DAVID: 27 year old man, shy but sometimes have slick comments, a gentleman but known to say stupid things from time to time.

STEPHANIE: 25 year old, lovely lady, sweet like a teddy bear, flirtatious, confident, but known to get moody, says what she means.



Now the story begins


SETTING: David’s room


NARRATOR:  This picked off where part 1 ended and the setting takes at David’s room and things aren’t looking so good for David. Let’s see if this fool could somehow manage to try and get back on Stephanie’s good side or should I say naughty side.

David: You heard what daddy said, assume the position and bend over and take this ….

Narrator: Stephanie slapped the shit out of David!

Stephanie: What the fuck is wrong with you?
The night was perfect. You got me fucked if you think you deserve this  (Stephanie pointed at her p*ssy)

David: Hey, what the the hell, why you slap me for?

Stephanie: It’s bad enough you talking to me like some type of hoe and you got the nerve to brag about your dick being small?
(Stephanie put her panties on and began to put on the rest of her clothes)
I don’t know what’s going on in your world, but in Stephanie’s world, being stupid will get you dismissed.
So goodbye David, enjoy the rest of your night masturbating your small dick

Narrator: Stephanie heads down the stairs all pissed off and David is just stood there speechless in deep thought.
He was thinking of a way to set the mood right.
He didn’t know what to say but he knew  he had to put up a fight or else Stephanie was going to walk out of his life. Truth is, David is in love with Stephanie.
Let’s see what David can do to convince Stephanie to not leave.

SETTING: Outside the front stoop

David: Wait Stephanie,  Stephanie!

Narrator: As Stephanie walks out the front door,  David grabs her by the arm.

Stephanie: Get off me, let go off my fucking arm!
David: Stephanie please just give me a second to explain, I mean no harm .
STEPHANIE: I have gave you  chances, 3 as of matter of fact and you struck out 3 times.
N*gga bye!

DAVID: Wait Stephanie just give me three minutes so I can explain what I said and why!

NARRATOR: Stephanie rolled her eyes and crosses her arms looking all stern

DAVID: Look I get it, what I said was lame
but being lame was not part of the
Now I am here in shame
but I just want to be
on the hall of fame
so let me explain.
No matter what shape or
or size you are, you should
feel confident in your skin
You still feel like a beautiful
woman , no matter what.
Size is appealing, but yet can be
It’s not how much you got
it’s being grateful for what you got
and knowing how to use what you got.
America fought a  two front war.
They had to fight two enemies,
but yet still took victory
because their weapons were nuclear
and they knew when and were to
use it.
The beat of a song is attractive,
but what makes the music beauitful
are the lyrcis
I know I sound delirious,
but I do have a good intentions.
Unlike those other n*ggas,
I am serious and ,
I do  want commitment.
I don’t spoil you with bullshit
My plan is to show you that
I am a man that’s completely honest
Your very attractive,
and your personality is drop dead-
Our chemistry is happy and harmonious
like a church choir.
I’m not liar, so your physical appearance,
well your beautiful, that’s appearant.
Your personality is flawless,
the bad girl type but appear
so innocent.
Smile is so beautiful wanna thank
your dentist.
I like you for who you are
not for what you got.
So try looking at me the
same way I look at you.
Don’t focus on the size
of my cock,
but it’s on me as well
to not bring it up.
Maybe sex is too early
on the 5th date,
so why don’t we wait
and take Steve Harvey’s advice,
so what do you say?

NARRATOR: Stephanie is just beyond speechless, confused beyond the limit. She just  went with what  her emotions told her and kissed David aggressively for a couple of seconds but then realized that she had to go.

STEPHANIE: I got to go David, I just gotta go!

DAVID: Wait Stephanie, Stephanie!

NARRATOR: Stephanie hops in the car and drives away. David just looks with a calm, steady  gaze. He heads back in the house and lay on the living room couch.
He was starting to feel sleepy. Just when he was about to fall asleep, he received a call from Stephanie and he answers

DAVID: Yeah wassup?

STEPHANIE: Yeah think I left my earrings can you check….. wait hold up

NARRATOR:  Stephanie puts the phone down for a moment. She saw the cops driving by and she didn’t want to get a ticket.  Few seconds later she goes back on the phone

STEPHANIE: Sorry about that David, the cops were around me,but yeah can you check your room please for my earrings?

DAVID: Yeah, they right here!

STEPHANIE: Alright I’m coming back to get them.
I text you when I’m in front of your house. Be there in like 2 min.

DAVID: Alright I’ll be waiting.

Side Note: I have two different ways to end part 2. I couldn’t choose so I wrote both endings

 This is ending number 1

NARRATOR: About 1 minute later somebody knocks on the door.
David assumed it was Stephanie  when he opened door but it wasn’t Stephanie at the door.
As soon as David opens the door, he get knocked out and  pistol whipped.

   This was ending number 1


This is ending number 2

NARRATOR: About one minute later David heard someone knocking  hard on the  door.
David assumed it was Stephanie when he opened the door but it wasn’t  Stephanie. It was the police. David looks  so confused right now

DAVID: Hi, can I help you?

POLICE: David, you are under arrest for the crime of rape of Lauren Brown.
(Officer place handcuffs on David)
You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. Do you understand the rights I have just read to you?

DAVID: Officer there must be a mistake. I don’t know any Lauren!

POLICE: Tell it to the judge




Please comment below and tell me which ending do you like better.  Part 3 will be a prequel to part 1. Part 3 will make sense of everything and there will be a background story in part 3. Part 3 won’t be uploaded until sometime in January


The Answers To The Riddle

I just want say, my next blog   will be  a part two to the A Story About A Couple On Their 5th Date  story.  Be on the look out because I will be uploading a part two by either Friday of Saturday. For those of you that haven’t read part 1, please do so because it’s a funny story with a funny ending and part 2 will be even better. Part 2 will have a twist at the end so take a look out for that.


Now few days ago ,I wrote  a poem Solve This Riddle And Fill In The Blanks . I wrote a puzzle in poetry format to where I left seven blanks for you to answer in order to complete this poem. Only 3 people attempted. They didn’t get it right but I just want to thank Debs, JGomez, and notesfromb for attempting to solve the riddle and getting involved. I really appreciate it. Now to solve this poem you had to know double entendre of the first line “The coke is white like the  snow“. If you don’t understand the first line then you can not complete the poem. In the first line, I am talking about cocaine and I’m comparing cocaine  to snow but also in that first line, two of those words in that first line makes a compound word. One more chance here’s the poem

The coke is white like the  snow
I’m a drug addict and my ❤ is cold
Caine had me feeling 1)______________.
It’s an addiction that kept me 2)____________.
until the cops arrested me
without no type of warning
So in the back of the cop car
I became more and more 3)____________.
but could you blame me?
Two hours later in the holding cell
I no longer had a bad attitude.
I became more and more 4)_____________.
when I had to use the bathroom
because of the lack of privacy.
I know the germs on the tier are spreading
because my cellmate keep sneezing.
I told him to stop rubbing his nose
because it will make him more 5)_____________.
I don’t trust nobody around me
and even though I’m  6)______________.
I must stay up all night so nobody
will shank me or rape me.
The lights are now out and I can barely see.
I use a lighter to get more light so
I can see my reflection in the mirror.
Under the jurisdiction of the 7)_________(department of corrections) ,
I am now a prisoner



You still don’t know it, well  scroll down to find the answers














The compound word is “Snow White”. For those of you that don’t know, “Snow white” was Disney movie and Snow white was a beautiful lady who had seven friends and those seven friends are the “seven dwarfs”. The names of the seven dwarfs were the answers to the seven blanks in order to complete the puzzle.




Look ate the poem below

The coke is white like the  snow
I’m a drug addict and my ❤ is cold
Caine had me feeling 1)  Dopey


It’s an addiction that kept me 2) Happy


until the cops arrested me
without no type of warning
So in the back of the cop car
I became more and more 3) Grumpy


but could you blame me?
Two hours later in the holding cell
I no longer had a bad attitude.
I became more and more 4) Bashful


when I had to use the bathroom
because of the lack of privacy.
I know the germs on the tier are spreading
because my cellmate keep sneezing.
I told him to stop rubbing his nose
because it will make him more 5) Sneezy


I don’t trust nobody around me
and even though I’m  6) Sleepy


I must stay up all night so nobody
will shank me or rape me.
The lights are now out and I can barely see.
I use a lighter to get more light so
I can see my reflection in the mirror.
Under the jurisdiction of the 7) DOC (department of corrections) ,


I am now a prisoner




Just again, want to thank you for those you  that read and liked my poem and I hoped you enjoyed it. Comment and leave feedback if you think the hint that I left wasn’t clear. Wish you all a wonderful day.

Also comment below and  tell me your favorite character of the seven dwarfs. My favorite character was Grumpy.



This Is For The White Women 

Before you began to read this poem, I just want to say that I wrote a blog two days ago Solve The Riddle And Fill In The Blanks. If you interested in solving my puzzle to complete my poem then go to my “Solve My Riddle And Fill In The Blanks” post and see if you can fill in the seven blanks to complete my poem. On Monday I will reblog the poem with the answers to the blanks. So come and help me solve my puzzle. If you get at least one answer right, I will personally reblog a post on your blog and I will write a mini poem giving you a shout out. Do you think you can solve it?

Enjoy reading this poem

I’m a black man
that love women

of all races.

Just like black women 

I am too obsessed.                                       

with white women.

My world mixed with
Let’s share.
Let me sex you
I wanna play
In the snow tonight.

Give you
a blizzard because
you will receive alot
of inches tonight.
Give it to
you rough.
You can handle
the sex I’m providing
as your all over
my back scratching.
Pull your
and slap your ass.
I will
sex you anywhere
Let’s make it fast.
A quickie anywhere.
You appreciate real men
like myself.
I appreciate you too.
I don’t care what others
have to say
This between me and you.
Travel the world.
Live free girl.
Racism in America
don’t have to
stop us from
being together.

We can handle
any storm
no matter the weather.
I’m your Derrick
and your are my Sarah.
I will save the last dance
for you
and we can dance forever

Slow dance and slowly move
to the beat.
I’m obessed with you skin color
and it’s white like a person
who takes good care of their teeth

Let’s not keep our relationship discrete.
Ignore the jealousy
from others
because you are my everything.
We are both different colors
but we are  created by equal
by God Alimghty.
We are look alike in God’s image.
You are my strength
I’m your Popeye
after he eats  the spinach

Or I can be your fried chicken
with dark meat
similar to fried chicken
with white meat
even though they look different.
But it don’t matter
All chicken are a good source of protein

I supply our relationship  with the protein
to keep it healthy.
Let’s go to a black church  on Sunday
and sit right next to me
to show the members
that black and white are united together.
Let’s go to the alter
and worship together
and get anointed with oil
by the pastor.
Demonstrate courage and equality
in the society
and pass it on to the members
that black and white are united together.
Let’s go to a white church the following Sunday
and sit right next to me
to show the members
that black and white are united together.
Let’s go to the alter
and worship together
and get anointed with oil
by the pastor.
Demonstrate courage and equality
in the society
and pass it on the members
that black and white are united together.
White is beautiful like Cinderella
and you skin is smooth like
the coat that’s on Cruella

I’m Pongo and your Perdita
white skin and black spots
We are Dalmatians
and we will produce
lovely mixed children

To all the white women reading this
I wrote this for you.
You are beautiful and it’s unbelievable
and this is coming from a black dude.
I love black women too I really do
but I love white women too.
I want to learn more about you
and I want white women to learn about
black men too
There are black men that will
go above and beyond to protect you
and pray for you.
Don’t fear us, alot of us are peaceful.
Black men are the seven dwarfs and we will
rescue you
from evil.
There are demons and witches that follow the devil
and he wants to keep us separated and sergerted.
But  accepting God is the way to enter the kingdom of heaven
It’s written in the bible it’s  not secret.
There are people that are secretly racist
from bith races.
I’m talking about both black and white faces.
When God determines your final destination
do you think he make that decision based
on your face?
He looks in your soul and heart.
Together let’s unite tonight
Read this quote and this was
said by a man that was very smart
and if wasn’t for him where
would we be in life
Read this
“I have a dream that one day my
four little children will one day
live in a nation where they will be
by the color of our skin, but by the
content of their character.”

Do I Perfer Strippers?Women Got Me Fed Up 

Listen to me
I’m not selling a dream
I’m not a company
that sell products
I’m here to tell you
I had enough.
I mean why should
I try?
What’s the point of being nice?
I appreciate them
but they don’t appreciate me
Why can’t you understand me?
I’m done I rather just be single
I done with Christian mingle
or any kind of dating site
I’m headed in a new direction in life.
I thank God for my allowing
my heart to be broken
because now I have access
to many women.
Women are complicated
but strippers are simple
Not looking for commitment
because I became exhausted
from being ignored.
Tipping the strippers
while I’m getting drunk
and for extra money
I can get a quick fuck
I mean why take a woman
on a date?
Where I can get a stripper
easily that has a nice shape.
Why do I have do to dress up
and impress a woman
where I can pick a stripper
of my choosing.
Spend money on date
where I’m not
gurantee another date
where I can sex from
a stripper as long as I
The process is simple
just busniess
and I don’t need to meet
her parents or kids.
Oral sex and intercourse
but of course I’ll be protected.
I have no choice.
Strippers aren’t that reckless
they too don’t want any type
of infection.
I met plenty of strippers
a little ratchet they can be
but they accept me easily.
Very friendly and
easy going.
No attitude unlike these
other girls.
Don’t ask for
much unlike these other girls.
With strippers I can
wake up everyday
and be proud becuase
I know for a fact
that I’m not getting cheated on.
Strippers and jerking off to porn
until dawn
while I listen to ratchet songs
I don’t mind being home alone
on A Friday Night.
This is really the life.
I be telling guys all the time
yo don’t sweat no female
 because they give mix signals
that be confusing as  hell.
Strippers are straight to the point.
You ask me why am I acting like
Simple nice guys get dissed
and women chase the men
that treat them like shit.
So now I turn into a piece of shit.
So I guess now I am
in the “Men Are Trash”
Don’t bother me
because I’m still gonna
get p*say.
Listen  I am about
to end this
but what I am going to say to you
is most important and potent.
When you reading this
remember this
I once was a nice guy
maybe a little shy
but I use to be the guy
that would spare a woman’s
The type of guy
that would step front of a bullet
as a scarfice.
I use to love women more
then my own life.
I use to treat them like queens
let then have their
Eventually they use me
and eventually I get played.
They take my kindness
for weakness
leaving me weak
like I caught a disease
So I was the nicest guy
that turned mean.
Being a gentleman
dont’ always get you the p*ssy
sometimes it make you look
like a p*ssy
Believe me.
The guys that act ruthless and mean
usually get the most p*ssy
Now for the women reading this
it’s not all about p*ssy
I swear it’s  not.
But sometimes I been
more than patient
providing love and affection.
I want to commit to you
but you say you gotta to think
about it.
I think shit
what can I do
to prove  to her I’m a gentleman?
So many unanswered question
leaves me in confusion
until I’m draining every ounce
of energy out of me
while you just lying to me
stringing me alone
like a viloin
while fucking a different
man that’s not looking for a commitment
while I put in all that fucking
work to show you I’m different
from other men
and you said yourself
I’m better than all
the other men
from the past.
Fuck this
Fuck commitment
Paying for sex
is my mission.
I jerk off to porn
for the rest of my life
I’ll still get my nut
because you women drive me nuts
Ya women can have the shitty men
because when they break your heart
again and again
I will have the last laugh at the end.

I wrote this poem for all the nice men that get taken advantage of.
Just like women, men get heartbroken too.
There are alot of men that are trash but let me tell you something, alot of men that are trash were once good men. Men that actually respect women and would do anything to make a woman happy. But guess what, when we  act nice and act like a gentleman, some women will take our kindness for weakness. When I wrote this, I was describing how I was feeling when I got heartbroken. I’m not gonna lie, I was angry and it changed me. Can’t lie I was so broken and angry I almost had a grudge towards all women. So every word I wrote is exactly how I felt. At one point I thought women were the problem. I thought women were the sneaky ones. I thought women played too many games and it wasn’t worth it to treat them good. I thought marrige and having a family was a waste of time. But I was hurt. As time move on, I started  healing more and more. I realized that everybody get hurt. We all hurt people because we been hurt and we take it out on everbody else. It took me a while to realize that there are good women(not many)that appericate good men and it’s wrong to hold every woman accountable for what one girl did. A heart break will change you.