Walking Willy The Cannibal

This is Halloween and I wanted to write something very evil to really spook my followers. I want you to really see the type of mind that I have. I can write a poem about anything. I can write the sweetest poems in the world, and I can can write the meanest poems in the world. I have a crazy imagination. But at the end of the day this is only a poem  For those of reading this, this poem is graphic and evil so if you don’t have the stomach for violence, stop now and log off and go watch cartoons. This poem is not for kids. Also please if this poem is inappropriate I do apologize but I would rather you not leave me any negative comments or any criticism. At the end of the day, this is my blog and I can post what I like. I give everybody respect on their blogs, even when  I don’t agree with their point of view. So again, this is very graphic and  I have a few Christian followers. To my christian followers, this is only a blog and I wanted to spook my followers.  I am still a man of God, just wanted to have some fun today.


The poem below is the prayer Walking Willy say Every Morning



“The demons of the world

Thrown out through the gates of heaven,
Look upon to Satan for guidance and protection.
Cast the evil spirits upon these worthless humans,
and turn their lives into a life of prison.
Lead them into temptation, and a life of sin to lead them away from heaven.

Remain invisible and hide upon their shadows,
to secretly pierce their heart with the sharp head of an arrow.
Break their hearts in half,
then look at them and god and laugh.
Show no mercy.
The people of God are not worthy.
Deceive and defeat them
Snap them in half, like a pencil or stem.
We abhor god, the angels, and all his followers,
We as demons worship Lucifer as our true leader,
And we are his followers. “




I killed more kids
and babies than
miscarriages and abortions.
I talk to myself in third
while I torture little children.
Laugh like Beetle juice

and drinking blood
like a flu patient
drink orange juice.

I collect the bones as
a museum
Lie low in the woods.

For every life that I took
I leave their faces looking shook
with blood on their school books.
My habitat is 600ft from the back
of the junior high school.
My favorite type of prey
are the snot nose kids that drool.

I’m like a prison predator
and I flesh on the dead
like a scavenger.
I look more intimidating
then the Undertaker
in his prime on Wrestle Mania.

I sniff humans 600 ft. away
like wolverine.

Xmen 3-99-Edit
I’m in disguise like

and hair is long
like Sabertooth.

Survival of the fittest
and I need food.
I rise from the dead
This time of year.

There he go
I see a snot nose
kid with long hair.
Snatch him up quick
Drool on his face
I began to lick.
Drool is my appetizer
His face is the entree.

He screaming in terror
like somebody getting raped.
Nothing but bones left
on the plate.

In the woods there is no
They call me
Walking Willy The Cannibal.
I welcome my followers

to my habitat and
we will have fun
like we at the carnival.





9 thoughts on “Walking Willy The Cannibal

  1. Nice and spooky nothing wrong with having a very creative mind. You can take yourself places no one else can go but you. Bring your readers into your world and spook them up, make them cry or laugh give them something to think about and change lives with your thoughts.

    • That’s changing lives .
      I hope I can ☺
      I went overboard with this poem.
      This month I’m uploading alot of dark poems this month
      But your compliment means alot and I appreciate you taking the time to read my blogs ☺
      Of course I will be looking forward to your future blogs
      Have a Goodnight!

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