A Game To Play On A Saturday Night With Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend 

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“Never have I ever ” … is a great game for getting to know people and also a great game for people you know very well. There is a clean version and a dirty version to this game.  You can learn some interesting and embrassing things about people you thought you knew well. Not everbody would agree but I feel like this is a great game to play with your significant other to make things exciting. There are many other games such as “Would you rather, 20 questions, and two truths and a lie” that are also exciting games to play with your significant other. So if you are ever bored on a Friday night and you are trying to save money then why not play “Never Have I Ever”.

How to play this game with your signficant other?

You need at least two people to play this game. You can play this game with numerous people. I only have played this game with my girlfriend. My girlfriend was the one that suggested that we play to make the night more interesting. This is how we played it. Now my girlfriend and I will  have 10 fingers up while playing this game
She chose me to go first and I would announce something outrageous that  I have never done
For example, I would  say “Never have I ever been arrested ” If she have been arrested before, then she has to put a finger down. If she have not been arrested before ,then she will still keep her fingers up.  Then it’s her turn and she will say  something she never done like “Never have I ever kissed on the first date” If I have kissed on the first date, then I put a finger down. If I have not, then I  still keep my  fingers up. Then from this point, me and my girlfriend will go back and forth with the “Never I have ever” confession until there is a winner and a loser. Just like every game there is always a winner. The loser is the first person to put all their fingers down. The winner is the person who still have their fingers remaining. I lost this game when playing with my girlfriend because I had all my fingers down while she still had 3 fingers up. But overall this was an exciting game to play. Best way to play this game is to play the dirty version. This game will put the pressure on your partner and you will learn some things that you didn’t know before. Now I know some of you reading this are probably going to think to yourself “This sounds so immature” or “I have no interest on what my partner has  or hasn’t done”. Look this is just a game and once in a while we all need to loosen up.  There is also a drinking version to this game. If you are still confused on how to play, you can search on YouTube “Never have I ever” and you will see numerous videos of people playing this game and the videos will give you a demonstration on how to play this game. I will list below some never have I ever confessions as a guide that you can ask the person you choose to play this game with

1. Never have I ever cut class
2. Never have I ever had a one night stand
3. Never have I ever cheated
4. Never have I ever illegally downloaded music
5. Never have I ever made out with stranger
6. Never have I ever been skinny dipping
7. Never had I ever snuck someone into my house
8. Never have I ever shoplifted
9.Never have I ever peed in my pants in public
10. Never have I ever paid for sex

Out of the 10 on the list, I’ve have done 4 out of the 10.
These are some examples to show the type of “Never have I ever” confessions you can use to play with people.

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  1. This can be fun and enlightening. However, persons not wanting to hear or can’t handle the truth should probably avoid. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. I play this game with my friends. We put it together in a card game called “King’s cup”. But we use liquor to make it more fun lol

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