Almost Gave Up But Didn’t 

I’m ready for any challenge

Talent must be perfected
Practiced hard this week
plus learned so many lessons.
What was once complicated
is now simplistic.
Every goal is realistic
don’t leave your talent
from heaven stranded.
Nothing is perfect
Your goal you have
to work at it.
Marriage and being a parent
are the proudest accomplishments.
Jesus glimmers invisible light
us to follow.
It’s on us to receive the light.
I will accept the light
and hold on to it
with all of my might.
A torch to light
the dark cave.
Provide space
to keep us safe
from bats and bears.
With my powerful mind
I can mentally suppress
the bear
“The pain is what I can
bare 🤔”
I thought to myself
since the bear was hungry.
Bear was charging at me
ready to eat
my flesh
I was ready to accept death
but my soft skin
turned hard like brick.
Bear tried to chew
bit on the skin
so hard
made his tooth chipped
and became loose
Skin was more
than the bear could handle.
With God’s help
I am always able
to get through my fear
and I don’t need a spear
because God is more powerful
than a nuclear weapon.
I plan for heaven to
be my final destination.
Even though I’m tough
like nails
I fear God and hell.

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