Darkest Days

Feel exhausted
Constantly nervous
Feel worthless
Do I deserve this?

Filled with anger
Life is in danger
Days pass get darker
and black like
a permeant marker
Should I blame my

Give love
but receive hate.
Refuse to lust
but still no dates.
Respect is a must
but disrespect
cuts my face
like a knife
to a steak.
Why do you invade
my personal space?

I love to sleep
for the sweet dreams
since nightmares are
the reality.
“Flawless Victory”
sound like Shang Tsung
and I’m the  dead opponent
but ironically I took
my own life.
I am in Hell  writing this
I send this to the world
Now tell me
was suicide worth it?

9 thoughts on “Darkest Days

    • Black Shakespeare lol. Well I try.
      This poem is lite work wrote this in 5 mins
      But I’m trying improve my pen sharpin the sword. I’m trying to be advance and be over people heads with my poems.
      Still learning
      Thanx for compliment

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