I did this for her

I’m flawless like rabbit
from 8 mile.
Try not to live foul
but still falling
to the ground.
Got more
moves than
DJ from
Stomp The Yard.
Steal your girl
and bring
her to my yard.
But still miserable
and it’s difficult
like watching
your sister die.
So I know how
it feels to be
like Tariq
running on the cold
snow with your
I feel
like a inmate
on suicide watch
and my brain is
a cell  that’s locked.
So committing suicide
was my plot.
So now escape misery
I think of the dreams
that money could buy.
Money over everything
Is that really a lie?
Does being broke
bring happiness in life?
A rock and a hard place
and I’m in bad shape
so I put a ski  mask
on my face.
Like baby boy
robbing everything
in sight.
Paranoid constantly
looking left and right
like a woman
taking forever at shoprite.
Speaking of forever
I’m robbing the cashier
at forever 21
and cleaning out the register.
I need money  in order
to register for  college.
Trying to live honest
but yet I can’t stop
I’m broke and jobless
like baby boy
and just like a baby boy
except refuse to except
funds from my mother.
I thank God for her
and I love for.
If I get caught robbing
tell the judge
I did this for her.

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