I Need An Opinion From My Follwers 

I don’t normally ask my followers to comment on my blogs when I post something but on this particular post I really want some opinions on this post because there is something I don’t understand. But then again maybe I’m just over-thinking 
Before you read I’m not talking about women by any means just trying to understand them

I was on Twitter and I saw this tweet

“If you agree to go to a guy’s house that barely know,  you have already said 95% yes to sex ”

The females called him trash, called him a rapist and destroyed him insulting him. Now to an extent I can see how some females might be offended but he was not disrespecting females. I think he worded his statement wrong but it was not inappropriate. He basically saying if you have no intention having sex  with a man you don’t barely know then don’t go to his house if he invited and I completely agree.

Now next day I read this tweet

“If I treat a bitch like shit then Imma treat her like shit but a nigga can’t treat my daughter like shit.  What’s so hard for ya to understand”

Now I swear he barley got any criticism. In fact alot of female replies were “lmao why”
“Lol you too much”. This guy say the word bitch on every other tweet. No criticism
Only one female critized this guy.
But the other guy I mentioned above he got a shitload of complaints and insults from women.
I don’t understand women becuase you attack the men that mean well but allow the men that don’t give a fuck  about you treat you like shit and ya accept it.
This is my opinion when your average guy, geek, nerd, or some nobody say something negative and the women on Twitter don’t agree with,  they  are so quick to critize and attack but just have a question for these women,
how come ya don’t critize the hood niggas  that refer to women as bitches or disrespect women in any kind of way?
Most women won’t admit but hood niggas are glorified. People tend to pick and choose who to argue with. Just my opinion.

Another thing I don’t understand with most of the females on Twitter is, they retweet what they wanna hear for example. Women would only favorite or tweet the tweets regarding men being trash, or men need to step, or there isn’t good men around.
But just like there isn’t alot of good men, there isn’t alot of good women neither.
Women do just as much dirt as men.

If the average guy on Twitter for example tweeted
” Good women are underappreciated”
Or  “no women attitude is too much to handle ya niggas  is bitches” most women gonna retweet that.
Now let if the average guy tweeted” Women do as much dirt as men” rarely get any retweets or favorites and a few women will disagree with him.
Now if the average men say
“Most women or all women are trash or females play too many games that’s why they stay getting hurt”
No female is going to retweet that.  At least 3 females on Twitter are going to critize him.

Popularity overrules talent, morals and self respect.
When a popular guy Or a hood nigga  calls a woman a bitch or disrespect no lie the average women would say “Don’t talk to me like I’m one of your hoes”

Now if the average guy or a nobody call a woman bitch that same woman would slap shit out of him, tell all her friend’s, and probably get her brother or one of her male friends to fuck him up.

I feel like alot of women on Twitter are immature to be honest. Just my opionion. It sounds like I’m judging people but I’m just being honest like I don’t understand alot of the females on Twitter.

I normally don’t ask this of my followers but if reading this(especially women), please comment on below and tell me do you understand where I’m coming from?
With the tweet
” If you agree to go to a guy’s house that barely know,  you have already said 95% yes to sex”  are you offended by that tweet?
and if this tweet
“If I treat a bitch like shit then Imma treat her like shit but a nigga can’t treat my daughter like shit.  What’s so hard for ya to understand”
offended you?

Appreciate if you comment on this even if you disagree with me because I don’t understand this.

Btw I know I mentioned “hood niggas” just to through it out there I have nothing against a guy that glorifies the hood life in fact some guys that are into that lifestyle do have alot of potential to be great. Just want to know why do people treat don’t everybody the same?

If you have an opinion comment below?

26 thoughts on “I Need An Opinion From My Follwers 

  1. I feel like a female shouldn’t go to an guy house if she barely knows him. Most of the time those guys have the wrong thing on their mind. I can understand where you coming from. It’s crazy how sometimes when a male says vulgar things in a tweet it gets ignored especially if the majority of the females think he’s attractive. Most of the time people pick and chose what to get offended by.

    • I completely agree with the last sentence.
      Looks and popularity overshadow personality and morals.

      I agree female shouldn’t go to a males house she barely knows.
      A male shouldn’t go to a females house he barely knows(alot of guys disagree with me on that lol)

      Just to let you know, I’m not perfect because I have use the word “bitch” and “nigga” around my male friends and that’s bad enough.
      But I never have called a female a bitch, or referred to any girls I use to date in the past a bitch.
      I never would say anything about treating a girl like shit on social media or anywhere.
      We all do have our ignorant moments and that’s fine but some people take it way too far

  2. I feel some of the things that happen to us females are caused by us. Some of us dont recognize the great ones and we allow the wrong guys treat us anyhow. A girl shouldnt put herself in a position where she will be disrespected especially going to a guys house she barely knows.

    • I really appreciate your point of view this makes perfect sense.
      I agree a female shouldn’t go to a guy house she barely knows.
      To be honest she shouldn’t be going anybody house she barely knows

  3. Lol – we already talked on females going to other people’s house. Well, this guy fails because how he treats women is what his daughter will see. Regardless of how he wants her treated she will choose and he has set the example showing it’s ok for her to be treated poorly. So, if he wants his daughter to be treated like a princess then he should treat his women the same. I can’t stand people who think it is ok to treat one person one way and another differently. I question their moral fibers existence.

  4. I couldn’t agree with you anymore
    Lol I remember talking about this with on my previous post lol
    Yeah that guy may learn the hard way.
    Also be careful how you treat women because one day you mess with the wrong woman.
    An example of this is watch
    “A thin line between love and hate” by Martin Lawerence
    A good lesson we all could learn from that movie.

  5. I would hope that no woman would go to a guys house she barely knows but that doesn’t give anyone the right to think that sex is almost guaranteed.

    I don’t use Twitter at all, I don’t really get it. But your post was interesting and I love your poems

    • Interesting and your right a man should never assume sex is guaranteed although a lady shouldn’t go to a man’s house she barely knows.
      Even if she wanted to have sex with the guy, she should still be second guessing about going to a guy house she barely knows.
      Thanks for commenting on this appreciate it.
      Thanks again for the compliment glad u like my poems.
      I write to relate to the people

  6. The first guy is being too honest. Women don’t want men making statistics about them. He is entitled to his opinion and he is opening a can of worms making that statement. I just feel that if a female would have made that statement the reaction would have been different. All girls are crazy. I’m a girl so I can say that. LoL. If a guy would state that he would be insulted back. Now, I’ve noticed that girls have accepted to be called the “B” word and hoe word by guys. The music industry has made it okay because it’s okay. The rap music has influenced our society that’s it’s okay. I have a 16 year old daughter and she loves to listen to Trap music. Every song is about sex, drugs and sex. She calls her own friends “Hoes”. I don’t get it. It’s sad to say but there is no more respect because girls have accepted that. Not all women but these young girls want to seem cool by calling themselves that. It’s a trend and soon I hope it ends.

  7. I don’t really use twitter and neither do I really understand it but from the tweets, I personally don’t see anything wrong with the first one but as for the second one, it doesn’t warrant “Lol”. In fact it’s a wrong way to act. You do it, yet you want your daughter not be treated that way. The truth is life doesn’t work that way. There’s always a repercussion for things we do, decisions we take. But oh well, it’s his opinion.

    And girls can really be complicated. Also people really choose what they want to hear, see or react to. Humans generally are complicated.

    • Lol Twitter is a mess people argue over everything. I too had some heated discussions with people.
      Now I just block because it don’t make sense arguing with people if I don’t know you.
      I agree with your reply people pick and choose what they wanna hear.
      I always believe in karma what goes around comes.
      Thanks for reading and commenting appreciate it

  8. This is why I deleted my twitter lol i went to a guys house I barely knew and got raped. It destroyed me and I blamed myself for going there but I know it’s not my fault despite what anyone says . And also, women now a days have A LOT of issues . Losing respect and value within ourselves because we want to fit in and do the things that men do. A woman that loves bad boys has issues and most of them are in denial and they back it up with feminism ( whatever that means now a days) but this is why we need more people being different and actually bringing value and respect back. It’s okay to be different . And it’s okay to stop giving it up until someone actually loves and respects you for real ( men and women) but I believe this goes back to previous generations. Most of the things we do are either learned or stemmed from pain . How do we do better to change society?

    • What you just said was very powerful. First of all, I am very sorry that has happened to yo. I hate rapist with a passion. I think rape is worst than murder.
      “A woman that loves bad boys has issues and most of them are in denial ” that’s very true of most them are in denial. Both men and women have to change. That’s I wrote a poem a few days ago “Praying for a better future” because a lot of us lack common sense. The only way to better society is to stat with kids that are in junior high school and show them the consequences of bad decisions. The adults that are living in regret should talk to troubled teenagers and mentored them.
      Thank you for your comment

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