Quiet People

Quiet people

They don’t make a word, they don’t make a sound.
They choose not to be heard, unlike your average class clown.
They say quiet people don’t really like to talk.
Mouth of quiet one is still, like a paralyzed person that can’t walk.

Quiet people are pure silent but there is a reason why:
They are most observant.
They minds are the loudest.
Their thoughts are the deepest.
Personality of a quiet one is usually most humble.
The ones that stay away from drama and trouble.
But that’s what most people notice about the ones that are silent.
But what you don’t know is that quiet people are full of surprises.
Usually underestimated by their silence, their minds are the loudest
Brain watching, thinking, and planning moves like life is a game of chess.
They wait for the moment behind close doors to do the unexpected.
I say unexpected cause nobody expects it.
Quiet ones are the most freakiest(sexually).
Quiet ones are the most devious.
Quiet people always fall victim to prejudgment.
But in essence the quiet ones are the ones you have to watch.
If you a quiet person, as you read this you know this is dedicated to you.

3 thoughts on “Quiet People

  1. Quiet people…the ones to watch…so are the loud ones demanding attention. I have found being the “quiet one”…people prejudge what they don’t know.

    • I agree with you “quiet people” do prejudge what they don’t know. Loud ones you do have to watch as well. I didn’t mention this in the poem but alot of times, quiet people usually have the worst tempers. Thank you for your reply!

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