A question for women to  think to themselves 

If a guy you barely know invited you over to his house and you have no intention on having sex with him, would you accept the invitation?

Also  and let’s say if a woman go by a man’s house she barley knows (keyword barely) would you automatically assume she wants to have sex with him?
I know this question is very random and personal but there was heated conversation online about this topic and I’m curious to what some people think 

27 thoughts on “A question for women to  think to themselves 

  1. I consider myself very blunt. Regardless of gender or who invited whom…. if I was invited or I invited…… the intention was always sex. No confusion there. However (specifically for me) if I invited, I was usually interested in more than sex. May I ask why it was so heated? In my particular circle, we’d all agree with what I wrote.

  2. I love your response.
    The reason why it was heated because someone said
    “If you go to a guy’s that you barely know, then you already have said 95% yes to sex” alot of females were said and called him a rapist. But he was trying to make a point saying don’t go to a man’s you don’t barley know. But some people took it the wrong way

    • I agree to an extent. I believe more women would benefit from self defense, boxing, etc. I hate to admit it but I fought too much as young’en. I wouldn’t say I am fearless but not intimidated by much. Being cautious in any environment is key. Keeping an eye on drinks, I always brought my own even in those years lol because spiking drinks has always been around.

      • Yes I agree with you. Just like women, men too get hurt as well and need to be cautious.
        You seem like tough person that don’t take any shit from nobody

      • Completely agree. Men are hurt in this too. All kinds of things can and do go wrong. Some people just do not have good intentions and bad people come in all shapes and forms.

        Thank you. I am not real good at taking crap from anyone. Not always a blessing.

      • More evil then good in this world unfortunately.
        That’s why more people go to hell then heaven.

        I post stuff like this all the time where it allows people to think and form their opinions.
        I’m always open for discussion and thank you reading my post, commenting my post, and being my followers.

        In the future always welcome to comment on my blogs even if you disagree always willing to listen to your point of view and I will be doing the same for you on your blogs

  3. I would say go with your gut feeling… Don’ just agree to go to someone’s house without knowing their intention. One the second matter, people should learn to judge less. Thinking and assuming the worst of people doesn’t help. If you know nothing of the situation don’t be quick to judge.

  4. Okay to be realistic how the world is set it actually makes people think like that. First off a person that gets invited by anyone they barely know needs to recall previous convos…if it’s sexual throughout the convo one or two things gonna happen first being sex and second and this is just me but genuinely wants to chill smoke and just talk. I means it just depends on what you willing to do. It’s nothing wrong with saying no and remember enough money to call a cab back home…lol

    • I agree with everything you said. I definitly think that a woman(or man for that matter)recall previous convos and use good judgement to see if it’s sexual throughout the convo.
      But also I also think if the guy that invited you over seem like a nice sincre guy and a complete gentleman, he could still be only interested in just having sex. Most men make it obvious and are straight forward when wanting sex, but there are a select few that will pretend to be interested in female’s personality and pretending to be a gentleman in order to get sex from a woman.
      It’s never wrong with saying no.
      I do agree with you in some cases men would invite a woman over to just smoke or drink that’s common to.
      But sometimes smoking and drinking could(not always) lead to sex

      • So true…and with you saying men who pretend…think about it…thats how crazy women come to be; getting false emotions that’s being received.

    • I love your response and that’s very smart to invite him somewhere in public to get to know him better.
      I believe that most men that invite your over when they barely know you only want to have sex so women should be careful when accepting invitation from men they barely know

  5. I would assume he wanted sex if I didn’t know him well and he invited me over to his house. I would instead suggest a public place for meeting and getting to know one another better. If he pressured me into going to his home after I made that suggestion then he’s not the one for me.

  6. Very interesting. I guess someone can become very detail oriented to answer this question with lots of scenarios. Key words are barely know or knew. From my perspective, we barely know anyone including ourselves sometimes. In order to get to know someone the bridge of uncertainty needs to be crossed and comfort needs to be established. If a co-worker of the opposite sex invited me over for game night with other co-works, I’d imagine that everyone wasn’t invited for an orgy. However if the same coworker invited me over for wine and a favorite tv show, well that too could be innocent.

  7. You made a good point because sometimes I don’t know myself neither.
    I’m so unpredictable that I don’t even know my next move.
    I love your point of view.
    Thanks for commenting on my blog 🖒🖒

  8. the opinions of men and women here are quite different🙂 Personally I always follow my guts feeling/ intuition and my own will. In the past it happened to me sometimes to go to someone’s place barely knowing the guy and it was always how I thought it would be – a nice conversation by a cup of thee, intellectual storm or sex … Never experienced anything I didn’t want to or had to say “no”. It’s like both of us wanted the same.
    Your question made me realise sth, thanks!

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