Please Bless Me?

It will be 6 years on a Janurary date
and you will always
 kept me sound and safe
from road  rage.
Took me to every place
and I kept you in decent shape.
Windows are down
 and I feel the breeze
blowing on my face.
I have made a few mistakes
 but you always had faith
and made me feel
 comfortable in my space.
You allow me to
 control you as I steer you.
Close to 200000 miles
 and still in good use.
What do you want
 for your birthday
a tune up and a cash wash.
Then after I can take you
to the park
and pull up by
 your favorite spot.
Behind the oak tree
 and let’s look at the sky
 until the sunset.
We will stay all night
until we are
 the only ones left
in the parking lot.
You know what,
 forget a car wash
You deserve a hand wash
and I will give you
a nice massage.
Caress you all
over you body
until you beg me
to pop the hood
wanting me to
 take a look
at your engine.
Oh shit I see smoke
 your burning.
Damn this whole time you
was telling me something.
I thought I was listening
but my stubborn self
kept ignoring.
Oh damn lord don’t
let my car die.
I’m sorry lord
I tried.
Don’t kill him please
Are you punishing  me
for have sex
or for driving
while I text?
I promise you
it won’t happen
He is my friend
I now understand.
I should of put
you first
and thank you first.
Then maybe I will
go back to church.
Alright alright
I will go back to church
and take my friend
to church.
It’s after midnight
and no one
is in sight.
Please forgive me
for being spoiled.
No gas station is opened
Please bless me
with oil?

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