Why So Loud?

Saw her across the street
and instantly grabbed my meat.
The words I began to speak
She smiles as she looks at me.
I approached her smoothly
with confidence.
She needed
to be complimented.
Told her she was gorgeous
She smiled acknowledging
my compliment.
I responded saying
I’m just being honest.
When reading this,
at the end of this
you’ll see
I wasn’t completely honest.
I felt confident
since the wave grease
in my hair
was prominent
and silently
thanking God
for being light skin.
I said to her
“Let’s be freinds!”
“Are you sure
that’s all
you looking for?”
She said that
sexually for sure

                                     20 Minutes later

Back at the apartment
from slow lovemaking
to transforming into a possessed demon
plunged into her
like a high diver
hitting a pool.
and I’m hoping
I don’t  cum soon.
Popping this broad
like a balloon.
Pounding relentlessly
and she screams servely
“I love this big  dick daddy”
Getting rougher gradually
I’m twisting her guts in a knot
and she is begging me not to stop.
Then I heard a knock on the door
and someone opened the bedroom door.
This woman was pissed off for sure
for sexing this hore on her bed.
She slapped the shit out of me
and my face was red.
She told the hore” Get dress get your shit
and get out”
Then looked at me and said “We need to talk!”
Now I know how a mouse feel next to a hawk
becuase I was going to be eaten alive.
But at least I got some sex before I died.
Wished I would of busted  a nut though.
The hore asked me ” Is that your wife?”
I said “No that’s my mom and this is her bed?”
She said “I thought this was your own apartment
you dishonest piece of shit”
She got dressed real quick
and just before she dipped
She looked back and said
” By the way, step your game up
you gotta little ass dick”
I said” Why you gotta be so loud you
stupid bitch?”

To my female followers reading, I don’t mean any disrespect saying the word b*tch

This is only a poem and I have never called a woman a b*th. This is only a poem. If anybody got offended I apologize. 

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