What’s For Breakfast?

Wake up on an early Saturday morning

and my stomach was growling.

I brush my teeth, wash my face

then went to kitchen.

I wanted some coffee so

I had the water boiling.

I wanted eggs, so I cracked

them open and I

started scrambling.

I needed the butter to

cook the waffles on the

frying pan.

Plus I had the Canadian

bacon and sausage in the oven.

But suddenly I smelled something

burning and I just realized

for too long the toast was in

the toaster.

All of a sudden it got nosier.

The noise was coming

from the basement, so I

got my bat, I opened the

door, went downstairs

and saw my sister flat

on her back.

She was getting banged by some

big black guy

with tattoos on his neck.

He stopped banging

when he noticed me then

asked me “What’s for




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