Love Is Military

Military style 
and we will
last more than 
a while.

Deadly force
and weapons 
will keep me
to be supportive 
of only your interests.

I feel the love 
between us
it’s in 
the air.
Force is strong 
we last forever.
Tough like the marines
we not like any other.

I fight  for us 
against the other women.
Plenty of fish in the Sea 
but I’m not interested
I have my own dolphin.
I dive  only in her sea
like a navy seal diver.
I have no reason 
to cheat.
You give me
everything I need.
Key of our 
is I choose to listen
and I give you my attention
as if your my drill sergeant.
Art of communication 
You are my country
and I’m faithful to 
you only.
I don’t crack under pressure
when approached by 
any other ladies.
My loves provides loyalty 
and discipline like the military
Word to advice for
all the men
listen to your lady.


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