Not About Making, but Saving

Money something we all want and some more than others.

Money  can turn friends into lovers.

Without money there is not much you can do.

“Make the money girl, don’t let the money make you.”

Remember this quote from the movie “Player’s Club”

Money can be evil like lust,

if not handled right.

Money can make your life nice

if you are saving your money right.

Money made from working in laws firms

or playing dice.

Money to be made in different ways and different types. 

Legal Vs Illegal.

Illegal way subdue the struggles 

The illegal way is more simple but the result can put you in trouble.

Having people on the corners drug dealing.

Dealers think they the toughest

 until they get caught, locked up and turn into snitches.

Paying lawyer fees and snitching for a lighter sentence.

Money spent on lawyers more than thousands.

So overall money this way is made the faster way.

But most that choose this path spent money on bullshit everyday.

Alot of millionaires  and celebrities go broke becuase lack of investing 

in their future and for not properly saving.

Rich people sometimes think money can solve everything 

thinking they above the law and get away with everything.

But people are not prepared to get caught thinking they can get away with everything.

Well guess what lucks up becuase nobody but God is untouchable.

Money will come if you work hard enough.

Be patient and chase the dream.

Only spend money on the things you need.

Have a plan and every paycheck put away at least 5%.

That 5% overtime time will add up and don’t brag  to your friends

how much money you got.

Money turn friends to jealous enemies 

and friends to strangers and vice versa.

Bragging about money will promote gold diggers.

Want a real down to earth wife, work hard in life

don’t be the bragging all the time

and chase the dream, take the oppurnitiy 

and thank God always.

Real women love the ambitious, the talent, and the mature mindset you demonstrate,

 not just the money on your plate.

Remember it’s about how much money saving

not how much money you making.

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