Hit List (part 2)

Please read part 1 before reading  part 2 of this story.

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Damn there she goes

slowly walking towards

my direction.

I pretend to search for for

something in my car to look

busy to not make

my approach to obvious.

As I’m pretending to be

searching, I hear her

footsteps and I’m waiting

for the perfect timing.

Now she is two feet away

from me, I shut the car


and my heart starts pounding.

I guess I’m nervous

because she is so sexy.

I say unto her “Hey Ms.

how are you doing?”

She says” I just missed

the 8:45 bus and I’m

trying not to go crazy”

I say “Where are you

going, would you like a ride?”

She says “‘No thanks, I’ll

be fine.”

After about 10 seconds of


I snap out of it and

realize I must say


to keep the conversation


I ask her” Do you live around

here?” Now obviously I know

she does.

She says” Not too far from here” I could tell she

was being concise but I

know she lives near.

She asked me a question

but I’m staring at her skin

complexion and it’s the color of

a deer.

I didn’t even hear a word she said.

I’m looking high like Craig(Friday).

She look at me with a

bewildered look on her face.

“I’m hello I’m talking to

you and your staring into space” she says.

I said “I apologize I’m just staring at your gold

necklace it looks nice on you.”

When I said that I was bullshitting

and she knew.

So sarcastically she says

“Hmm okay whatever you say”

The bus arrives and she

says “Well I have to go to work

I don’t want to be late enjoy your


Then she runs to the bus stop

in a hurry.

I almost started to yell to

ask for her name,

but I didn’t want her to

perceive me as being lame.

So I just stared at her ass

and hips,

as I lick my lips realizing I

need chap stick.

I hope she didn’t noticed

my ashy lips.

But it’s cool because I

see her everyday around

6:30 pm when she come

home from work.

Her skin look so sweet, I wanna lick it

until I get a cavity.

She can be my rotten candy.

Then become my nurse and treat

me with the laughing gas filling.

Okay I snap out of it and stop daydreaming.













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