Can I Be Your Ghost Writer?

I have the passion and fire

I can be your ghostwriter

I’m invisible as I write in pure silence.

Got words sounding alike.

Got rhyming down to a science.

Blogs, posts, reports, and stories;

I make ordinaries to celebrities.

Having you believe in magic,

reading the nursery rhymes

or explicit content.

I’m making miracles like Jesus

stepping on serpents

and swallowing demons.

Rhymes be tight

I swear I’m dead nice.

Believe in the hype,

as you invest in my

powerful rhymes.

So powerful having you

second guessing thinking

twice like you seeing

ghosts at night

when it’s actually broad daylight.

But those ghosts you see

are my clones and me

Ghostwriting for you in

your dreams.

I’m a dead final draft


To all my follower,

Can I be your ghostwriter from broad daylight to midnight?

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