The Use Of Double Entendre

You cried  like   cyclops
bitch made was in your genes
I’m a feared giant
for being ruthless
 thanks to my traits
I inherited from  Poseidon
Put you in the wave
Join the others
I’m a killer
My heart is big
like  whales,
but known to be salty
like water
and throw you over
the bridge into the ocean.
I have a plan in motion
that’s smooth like lotion.
Seduce you and make
you drink my potion
to get you poisoned.
I’m more deadly than
a cobra snake
but ironically
I hate snakes
that can’t keep
their tounges in their mouth.
I was taught to stay quiet like a mouse
and over time I got obsessed with cheese.
but I rarely eat cheese
I try to avoid constipation
and never been the one
to take shit from anybody,
unless it’s money.
So words to advice
don’t mess with me.

This was a poem of double entendres.  Alot of words having two different meanings like Snake, Cyclops,Cheese Killer,Wave.

If you don’t understand this poem then comment below and I will break it down for you. 

Give the poem a chance and try and understand it 

7 thoughts on “The Use Of Double Entendre

  1. What an amazing and metaphoric way of revealing your heart…because in every word, in every meaningful expression, I can see and feel a little part of your beautiful soul. And you simply shine…Thank you for sharing the light inside you with the world!
    And thank you for following my blog, I’m honored!
    Best regards,

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