Hit List

Hit List

I always been gifted with

style and good looks.

I’m reading women like books.

So charming so how can

any women resist me?

I got women on my menu,

I’m profitable like Applebee’s.

That’s what I thought until I saw her.

Goddamn look at my sexy ass neighbor.

Brown curly hair with the caramel complexion.

The drool rushing out of my mouth unto my sweat pants

Now my hands is over my crotch to subdue my erection

She is drop dead gorgeous,

with a smile so flawless.

I’m so nervous

Heart beating fast having

me wondering what

happened to my confidence.

I look at her curves and

swear she is the finest.

Hotter than a tropical rain forest.

I never seen her before,

She must be new around town.

I got to introduce myself,

get to know her and

show her around.

Look so fine, just might

have my player card revoked.

Make her my wifey, and drop all my hoes.

But I got to think straight and catch a gripe.

I plan to put her on top

of my hit list.

For now I’ll watch from a distance

and remain silent like the letter ’e’

at the end of a four letter word,

until the opportunity arrives to me.

Then efficiently articulate with

the sweetest words.

I’ll take her to school

and she can take me to church.










Dear Journal

Ordinary like Doug
except I hate mayonnaise.
I don’t believe in love
when people player hate
I remain humble like skeeter
But because of my sister
I get moody like Judge Judy
having period symptoms
stomach hurts
Cereal was spoiled
like Beebie.
I wanted to stay home
but parents called my bluff
and thought I was bullshittin
But bricks is what I’m shittin
So now gotta remain tough
to stand up to a bully
like Roger Klotz.
I act like Doug
So sometimes I’m a klutz
with bad luck.
I can’t solve problems
So I daydream and
pretend I’m Smash Adams
hiding in vents of
a junior high school bathroom.
Scribbling in my journal
in the classroom
My poetry is like
Doug’s illustrations
Unpredictable and creative
but yet still basic.
Wish my poetry was powerful
like QuailMan.
I need to eat meat to
for the protein
to be strong like QuailMan.
Unlike milk ,Patties
is what my stomach
can stand
with pork chops on the side.
I give my dog the bones
and tomorrow I have a bone
to pick with my principal
for being so critical
for embarrassing me
for wearing Sandals.
But yet the bad kids
he can’t handle.
If my followers reading this
that’s means somebody
stole my journal
because the content on here
Is persona