Work Smarter Not Harder

From start to finish
We in competition
to work for the accomplishment.
Slow as a turtle or fast like sonic,
Speed don’t help much 
without the use of common sense.
Common sense haven’t been 
too common since 
the story about the sun and the wind.
Placing a bet 
like men who lacks respect 
for women thinking all are
sex objects.
Sun and the wind had an objective
like high school  students.
Wind seemed rather arrogant 
and offered the sun a challenge.
Below was a bloke in a trench coat
and a skarf around his thoart.
Wind and sun bet  each other
who could easily get the bloke
to take his trench off.
Wind was all talk 
but could he walk the walk?.
Sun remained humble
and allowed the wind to go first
to watch him struggle.
Sun was like the pig 
who house was made of brick
and the wind was the big bad wolf.
Wind blew as as hard as he could
and failed like the big bad wolf.
He was directly above the bloke
and blew harder and harder 
but the bloke re-wrapped his skarf 
tighter and tighter
and held on to the trench coat
around his body even closer.
Wind became Angrier and try to blow
even harder
Sun said “Don’t be consumed by the anger”
Now the wind blew as hard as he can and
now he was out of breathe
and had nothing left.
Sun sarcastically  asked him
“What’ s wrong you having an asthma attack?”
The wind was mad and replied back
“Why don’t you try smart ass!”
The sun said “Allow me
all you did was make the environment 
more windy.
I have the power to make anybody 
 buy a frosty from Wendy’s.
Take notes watch and learn
I have the power to burn”.
The sun easily moved through the sky
and was directly above the bloke.
The bloke was slowly getting hot
then all of a sudden he was sweating 
his ass off.
He his face was wet like he dived in a pool.
He was hot so he took his trench coat off 
so he can get cool.
Sun made the wind look like a fool.
He said to him “It’s about working smarter not harder”.
Sun wasted no energy but used common sense.
Wind thought brute force would give him the advantage.
Brute force is nothing without common sense
So when you choose to work smart not hard
you’ll notice a big difference.
I hoped you all learned a lesson.

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  1. I really appreciate the kind words and the compliment. I read your blog, so just wanted to know you choose one of your followers that deserved a mystery award?

  2. Again I really appreciated and that was kind for you to go out your way to give this award to me. I didn’t even know a mystery log existed.
    You will always be my follower and may your blogging take you far and more opportunities available

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