You speak the words but you don’t take your own advice

In public you a hero, but in private

you  know the words you speak to yourself are lies.

You are look upon from other people as positive leader

but behind closer doors you are a coward in disguise.

Hypocrites fall within the bracket

of teachers, pastors and prophets.

They pretend to be positive

but their minds are way beyond nocuous

But ironically to the eyes of the people

their minds are innocuous.

Telling the people of God

to not be dishonest

They tell you to remain heterosexual

but the majority of them are homosexuals

The words of an hypocrite don’t match

their actions

They are the true definition of diving

a fraction to a fraction.

They present themselves one way in public

like the 1step of dividing a fraction to a fraction

They present themselves another in private,

like the 2nd step of solving the dividing

a fraction to a fraction.

Hypocrites do the reciprocal by crossing

sides and change faces,

like the second fraction of the dividing equation

That’s the true character of a hypocrite,

They are like the reciprocal of the second fraction.

This is not an imagination,

but a true demonstration

of a hypocrite.

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