Blind Man

No eyes, can’t see.
Don’t know whats in front of me.
I live off of sound and touch alone.
Ears and hands is what I depend on.
to be aware of my surroundings,
since being blind is so unappealing.
But what is appealing,
since seeing in my world is non-existing.
Where my eyes is not closed frequently,
but permanently.
Being born with a vision deficiency,
helps me make use of my other abilities.
Based on my nose profoundly.
Inhale and exhale through my nostrils let me
know whats in the vicinity.
The scent of whats in the environment, flows in my nostrils gradually,
and is restored upon my memory.
As I began imagining whats around me.
I’m tear-less.
I’m eyeless.
Forever for life I’m blinded

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