Me vs Her (Poem battle part 2)


You wanna hear something funny? I secretly got excited to receive your text.
It made me wonder to myself what are we going to discuss next.
Have you ever experienced that where your heart just skipped a beat.
I know I’m kinda embarrassed and should probably take seat.
But you’re my knight in shining armor. Prince Charming if you will.
Yes this is true.
This is coming from the girl who’s heart you’re trying to steal.
Don’t worry I’m not getting ahead of myself, there’s lots of adventures still to be had.
But, the way you make me smile I certainly am glad.

Lol you can stop but you don’t want to.
Answer your question is what you want me to do.
1st time my heart skipped a beat,
When I had you between the sheets.
Between the sheets like the isley brothers.
So I am your knight in shinning armor.
My sword is prayer to protect us from all evil
and provide us a home base that’s tranquil.
I am your prince charming becuase my approach upon you had u startled.
I live life like I’m not promised to see tomorrow.
I took chances with no regrets or sorrows
So your heart I want to steal and keep it.
You on my mind all the time and it’s not a sercet.
Now tell me  what’s on your mind because I know your devious

Okay so you really wanna hear my inner thoughts?
I may even be more interesting than you came across.
Devious I mean that maybe a little harsh. However I ‘ve had thoughts of blowing you and making you wetter than a car wash.
See you’ve awaken the naughty girl inside me,
But what are going to do to make sure I’m pleased?
Thrust me hard and tease me so,
but have you ever realized sometimes I’m content with just being held though.
I’m not all naughty, an angel I can be. Besides my quick tongue and hands, I hope you’re able to see.
Wow I cant believe you make me naughty and nice.
You’re a lucky guy cuz I can  show each side of my personality twice.
I can’t believe I said that and that’s not all how I feel,
I hope you’re ready because I’m definitely the real deal.
So fuck me hard but, also kiss me softly.
I’m looking forward to what’s more to come joyfully.

From a quiet girl  to a freak
The freaky side of you is what I wanna see.
I want to stick my tounge in between until you scream
Or I can bang you against the washing machine.
This is rough sex with less foreplay
But let me be passionate with more foreplay.
Take you to a five star hotel
and tonight I will treat you well.
Surprise you with a bottle of wine
to celebrate our anniversary at this precious time.
Your a perfect 10 you are a dime.
Since day one I had to make you mine.
You wearing the hell out of that red dress
and now I have something to confess.
I say to you “Baby I want you and I will do the things your EX wouldn’t do”
We are one the bed sipping our wine
and damn you look so fine.
You make feel like a lucky star becuase you make me shine.
So now I play slow music at this time.
I ask you “May I have this dance”
So impressed and amazed because now you see I’m a gentleman
that know how to treat his lady
and I just want you against my body
while moving to the beat.
Neither you or I will speak and we dance to the beat
This will be a hell of a night and you  better believe
what I can bring
and offer to the table
Thank my mother for your man that she was able
to raise.
The dedication and passion is what we will create
And I’m your prince charming I will forever keep you safe

Lol who do you think won?

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