Get Lost In My Poems

Before you read this poem, read all of my other poems first so this poem will make sense for you. I wrote this for my followers and I appericate all of you for following me. For those of you reading this and not following me, if you choose to follow me I always follow back.  I am a big fan of my poems, but in all honesty I take more pleasure in reading other peoples blogs to learn from other people. My mind is like a time traveling machine and this poem is like a time traveling machine and I wrote poems on different subjects such  as, love, depression, ancient times, healing, sin, weakness, love, lust,sexual. I have yet to reach my potential and I am still learning. I even wrote a poem/story Don’t Tell A Soul(Chapter 1)Don’t Tell A Soul(Part 2)Don’t Tell A Soul Part 3 and a poetry battle

Me vs Her (This is a poetry battle) Me vs Her (Poem battle part 2) I try new ways to be creative. But as I said I love my poem, but I love reading other people’s blogs more to learn from other people. Life isn’t always about me so I take interest on what’s on other people mind and I love giving feedback on other people blogs. Anyway I dedicate this to my followers and God bless you all.


I would like to invite all of you
Come with me let’s cuddle
and curl under the covers
I don’t bite don’t be shy
Come closer and let’s read together.
Let’s travel at this time
through my peculiar mind.(Remedy For The Broken Heart)

When you see what’s inside
imagine yourself being heart broken
and view the remedy as a token
of me being nice .
Yes I am a nice guy( Tired of being the nice guy)

that tries
to please people, but sometimes
I do get exhausted at times.
Then sometimes
I think the world doesn’t care.(The World Doesn’t Care)

The world is not fair
So together let’s be prepared.

( I’m prepared) like we are playing truth or dare.
If you pick dare
you drinking alcohol, you will be  tipsy
Don’t make that face at me
I won’t turn you to a alcoholic.

( Am I a Alcoholic )because that comes with consequences
to the point you can’t control your mind
because of the demons
and angels on both sides.

(Tired Of Being Possessed)  Heaven and hell been here
before ancient times

(The War Veteran Of Ancient Times) with cemeteries of War Veterans
that became victim of deaths.
Deaths is sometimes the next step
from jealously.
And you must know  (Jealously is more common than loyalty)
Loyalty runs deep with me.
So  (I’m Down For You Regardless)  and thanks for being so modest
for understanding the poems of mine
and you are my ( Colors of light and dark) and lets stay together until our souls
grow old. (Before I Grow Old )I will love you and you will  love me(The Demonstration Of Your Love) and I will not sing Barney
but we can (Make Love On The Beach)

Both (Love and Lust,) I will always respect your trust
Forget your EX and forget in your past
He’s in your rear view.

(Don’t Foucs On The Rear View)  Look what’s in from of you
I am here for you.
Life is a choice (Pro-life vs Pro-choice)  and let God be your voice
because I wanna be in your life
and we would  have to
pray for our sins (We Need Sin To Exist) for being a step behind (Black People Are A Step Behind) Oh shit it’s been 5 minutes
sorry we are out of time
But thank you for stopping by.
Tell the person next in line
I will pick them next (Pick Me Next) to come into my mind

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