Making Love On The Beach

I want to kiss you

in private and in public.

Pubic display of affection

then later be my freak

in private.

Let’s hold hands at the boardwalk.

All night we can talk,

while I’m behind you,

holding your hips

whispering to you

asking permission to kiss your lips.

I smell the pink lotion in your hair

as we feel the cool breeze in the air.

We can look at the ocean

Wow the view looks gorgeous

Just like you, your curves are perfect.

A gentleman is what I am,

as I hold your hand

sauntering along the boardwalk

conversing with you, quoting  words

from  William Shakespeare.

“Though she be but little, she is fierce.”

Love is in the air

and the spirit of lust will come near.

You will demand passion and kiss me fiercely.

I’m horny and hands under your jeans.

While moaning, you say to me,

“Lets make love on the beach”

Your tone is sweet like peach,

and I can’t refuse so we sneak

off to the beach.

A blanket I lay on the sand

and I place you on top of it.

We began to slowly touch and kiss

and you just got off your period

and I just finished

serving a two year sentence.

2 years in prison of non-stop masturbating,

so I will appreciate this moment.

My love for is will always permanent,

but now lust is what I’m feeling

at the moment.

Begin to unbutton your blouse

and you must stay quiet as mouse.

I pulled down my pants halfway

Insert my penis all the way,

inside of you until I penetrate against

the cervix.

Love hurts and I slowly penetrate

as I ignore the tears in your face.

You close your eyes and bite on my shoulders

I try to hold off but can’t go any longer,

so I explode inside of you.

We then cuddle next to each other

And I say these words to you

“I am here for you

My love for you

is the truth

I want to kiss you

in private and in public.

Demonstrate appropriate

pubic display of affection

and  you will always be my freak

in private”.













Am I a Alcoholic

I am in denial

My mood is foul

Haven’t been sober in a while

Again I passed out to the ground

Unfortunately friends have to carry me home

And I thank God my parents aren’t home.

So I can rest alone

Without the nagging from them

About who,what were, and when.


Next day on the block I see my friends

I said wassup and I received nothing

but silence.  After about 10 seconds

they respond saying

“We are sick and tired of the nonsense

drinking until you are knocked out unconscious

and we are tired of this to be honest”.

They walk away leaving me alone.

Drunk people



Alcohol brings many troubles you see

To the point where you are neglecting your responsibilities.

Withdrawal could be what your experiencing.

Being nauseous and anxious becomes apparent.

In denial always lying and hiding

about your drinking.

Behavior gradually become more reckless

From walking and passing out on random lawns,

to drinking and driving and it won’t be long,

before you commit homicide or suicide.

To all the alcoholics I’m not here to criticize

I’m here for you, seek me for advice.