We Foucs On The Rear View

Mirrors and glass windows

bright like crystals

or rough like a hammer and chisel.
We get old, bones become brittle.
When the mind is simple, life is more difficult.
Feels bad like  the smell of dog breath as we live in regret
Feeling like Peter during the situation of Uncle Bens death.
Something so small gets us upset
So we carry the rage until death.
Temper like the hulk and miserable like wolverine.
Peace and quiet on the outside, but deep inside happiness unremain to be seen.
Misery and a bad temper make great friends when we have the type of attitude like we don’t give a damn.

Losing family and friends.
Feels like we are unlucky,
even the ones that are beyond wealthy.
Wealthy means success  but success doesn’t make you happy.
Bright days and dark nights or bright nights and dark days.
Everyday isn’t the same.
Can’t control the characters of others
Life is not a video game
but we are sore losers when we get defeated by the boss.
Focus on the negative at all costs
so we give up but yet why do we think we are mature?
Wake up everyday after not thanking the Lord
but definitely complaining about problems for sure.
In life we are the driver behind the wheel headed for a car crash.
We are bewildered because we only went 30mph on the dash.
The car crash sometimes are in front of us sometimes behind us.
Sometimes we have no choice we have no luck.
Other ppl can’t drive and happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.
But why do you allow one accident stop you from driving and prevent you from shinning?
Problem  is we focus way too much on the rearview and not what’s in front of us that we we have some many accidents and on the inside we dying.

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