The War Veteran Of Ancient Times

I wake up to another day to fight another war.
I put on my body armor, helmet, then grab the handle of my shinning

As leader of my impregnable squad,
I lead my men to fight for the gods.

All the men I slayed, I see them in my dreams,
They welcomed me with open arms and astonishingly offer peace.

As I take heed unto their voices and they speak unto me,
They say ‘Welcome Brother’ then I cover my face with my hands to subdue the tears.
The dream reminds me that death isn’t something I need to fear.

As I rush through the crowd with my sword, I slice and dice,
fast and precise,
I swing faster than the speed of light.
Face is hot like a burning fire and my heart is cold like thin ice.

I give praise to the gods for giving me the strength to become the greastest conqueror,
I am more notorious the Greek leader Alexander.
Another battle, another fight,
I am the most powerful conqueror of ancient times

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