Remedy For The Broken Heart

This poem is for everybody on here that has recently been heart broken. If you been heart broken and still suffering, I want you to read this poem everyday and pray to God.


Remedy for the broken heart

Healing is receiving the glory,
But yes a broken heart is a sad story.
Heart is on Fire and burning,
Tears from you face are falling.
But for every fire, there’s an extinguisher,
To completely wipe out that burning fire.
A thankful feeling like u just put air on a flat tire.
Time heals all mental scars and wounds.
Gradually pain will be consumed.
A broken heart feels like death but not quite the same.
It makes you insipid and tricks your mind,
That your life has no value and you will die,
But that’s only for a period of time.
A broken heart is a life lesson that builds your character.
Like muscles, the heart becomes stronger.
It gets destroyed, then time rebuilds it and heals the soreness.
From dependent to independent,
Your happiness devoured your loneliness.
Besides thinking about the one that hurt you and left you lonely,
think what else in life  makes you  happy.
Letting time proceed and thinking happy thoughts are the true remedy

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