Me vs Her (This is a poetry battle)

Me: I didn’t eat dinner yesterday. Vincent’s was a good restaurant.

Her: Why not babe? And yes I loved it. Definitely in top three of the places we’ve been so far.

Me: Lol  idk guess wasn’t hungry

Her: Hmm well that happens from time to time I’m sure lol.Oh wait I just realized that I said we can try a Japanese’s place soon but I think it’s your turn to choose where we eat


This is where the poem battle start lol


Lol that would be sweet.

Maybe 2 weeks I believe.

We shall see.

We need to try something unique.

Just make sure you ready to eat

In 2 weeks

and Japanese food we shall seek

Wouldn’t you agree?



Yeah but that’s my choice

lol you should be able to choose no?

However if you’re saying you need to try something unique,

maybe it can be Japanese or the Thai place

I mentioned and were you trying to rhyme by the way lol?



okay cool. Lol you can say that



Well you sure know how to make anything rhyme,

I wonder if that’ll be the case every time.

I see you’re trying to taste something new, hopefully you’re interested in the ideas I have in store

because I have quite a few. Actually sticking with me may be able to taste even more.

I’ll make sure in addition you’ll get kisses galore.

See David you might think you’re “the man”, But see don’t under estimate, I put my mind to anything.



Hmm very nice. I’m surprised.

This is what I like. I don’t under estimate.

I help to create talent that others might have,

since time come and pass.

That rhyme scheme was great and don’t make it your last.



Oh you’re surprised?

Meaning you can’t believe with your eyes?

Why are you shocked babe, you know I tell no lies.

I’m also the creative type, sometimes I’ll blow your mind.

Just based on our interaction, you know I’m on my grind.

I do appreciate your nice sentiments, I guess I should’ve know you got my back that’s common sense.

You say don’t make my previous poem my last,

and I think I’ll take your advice and sit in your class.

A class of David is what I’m referring to you see,

I’d rather study him any day than a show on TV.



Now a days there is nothing on TV.

So please study me.

Believe your dreams like Martin Luther king.

Normally don’t mix business with pleasure,

but it will be my pleasure for us to work together.

I’m smooth like leather

and hot like a California summer.

We can be cohesive like bread and butter.

Sit in my class, I want you to be bad

so you can stay after class.

End of the semester we will be equivalent like decimals and fractions. But I don’t like to talk, I can demonstrate the actions.

You ready?

Tell me what’s happening

Any more Questions?



Oh wow I like that babe, I like that.

When does class start?

Please sign me up. When I really like a subject, the class is less tough.

I’ll stay after and work hard and even do extra credit.

I’ll be your number 1 student

if you believe me and you make it happen.

You request bad behavior does that mean I’ll ace the class?


Teacher, teacher I mean you said we can work together.

I think if we both put in the effort we’ll be better than ever.

If you give me a chance, you’ll figure out I’m an over achiever.

I’ll learn the whole anatomy of David

overnight trust me and believe it.



I see potential

I’m already starting to believe it.

Teacher of the Year I’m trying to achieve it.

David Academy for Poetry and Arts

Next Monday is when class starts.

This class is advance so be sharp.

Room 69 with the double doors

Sit in front because your face is what I will adore.

Will you bring me an apple?

You can be the teachers pet

Let me make you an example.

Btw if you bring the apple

No serpent on this land I promise.

So show up naked

because your ass checks

I will acknowledge as I grab your pelvis.

Maybe my penis I will choose to insert it.

With your permission.

I got the biggest dick in the school district.

“Teacher and Student”.

Let’s make a Porn scene.

I want to hear you scream.

You are my Jada Fire

Fuck after school let’s pull a all nighter!


Oh my gosh David, you hear that…I’m screaming your name.

I hope we don’t get caught cuz the last thing I want is for you to be blamed.

But if we get caught, I’ll shout out loud to principal 

that I’m not ashamed that David fucked me, his dick is invincible.
You inserted after you politely asked me and all I can think of is your face. 

If someone were to ask me, I’d say it’s the best sex I’d have if that’s the case.
Room 69 is where the custodian heard that noise. 

You banging the crap out of me and thinking to myself I made the right choice.

An all nighter you suggest, I thought it was ambitious at first 

 but the rate it’s going you’re certainly quenching my thirst


Damn I see you trying to get my dick hard.

Put me on the desk  and take a body shot.

Jerking me off but I will keep quiet.

When I finger you, you gotta be silent.

Face down and ass  up

Assume the position

You know wassup.

Can you feel the lust.

Fuck  you so hard until the windows are foggy.

This is so erotic

Butt what’s ironic


I’m usually a freak in private.

I’m your drill sergeant  and your the private. 

I command you to ride the magic stick.

I will teach you tricks with my stick

I am an magician

and my classroom is a magical set.

I right now you are all wet.

The best sex is what you expect.

We humping like rabbits.

I am like a rabbit becuase I dodge trouble like bugs bunny.

Fucked 100 hundreds of students and no one ever caught me.

They say the best sex when it’s sloppy.

I want to to get on your knees and blow me.

You have skills,

So why don’t you show me what that tounge be like 

lol so who do you think won the battle lol?


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