Love Or Lust

Do I focus on making her happy,

Or do I focus on her looks and curvy body.

Do I focus on her feelings,

or do I split after sex rather than cuddling.

Can’t tell if I want a long term career or just stay in retail

and articulate a fantasy slogan for a quick sale.

Treat you like a typical customer and just watch you come and go

in and out of my home,

or should I give you a place to stay

and provide the pillow for your head to lay.

Be proud and gloat about you as if I made the NFL hall of fame.

Or score a touchdown on your end zone and eliminate you like a

playoff game.

I could work hard to impress you like it’s Superbowl to earn my trophy,

or you can catch the balls like a soccer goalie,

and treat you as such since soccer goalies don’t communicate with teammates

so much.

We don’t need to communicate as long as the sex is safe.

But I raised with better morals so it’s my nature

to treat you to a dinner date,

and keep you safe like drug money in a safe.

Or is long term bad luck like breaking a mirror.

I thought I had the heart of a minister.

I’m just an avenger who mind resembles a hungry scavenger.

I’m a guy who went from a healthy heart to broken one

to completely losing one.

Love is something I forgot so lust is a must.

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