Is Jealously is more common than loyalty?

Jealously is a feeling   many obtain it.
Loyalty is a character trait and only a few have it.
One thing in common is that both jealousy and loyalty can cause you to do crazy things beyond your imagination.
Jealously brings misery
Jealousy makes you cold-hearted
Jealously brings  unnecessary drama
Jealously makes you think you not worthy and imperfect
Jealously sets the foundation for sin
But here’s the thing
But why do we feel jealous if we know that nobody but God is perfect?
Good question

Loyalty brings peace
Loyalty makes you warmhearted
Loyalty brings  blessings
Loyalty makes you feel like you safe and untouchable
Loyalty is the foundation of reeving a blessing
But here’s the thing
If being loyal brings you a blessing, then why does the word betrayal exist?

Maybe because loyalty is a pretend feeling on the outside people fake to hide the true feeling on the inside which is jealousy?
The feeling on the inside always conquers the feeling on the outside
So is Jealousy more common than loyalty?
That something for you to think about and tell me

3 thoughts on “Is Jealously is more common than loyalty?

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