The Demonstration Of Your Love

The sound of your voice alone gives me butterflies.
You are a blessing to my soul.
The smell of your scent makes me high.
You are more precious than gold.

You welcomed me in your life with open arms.
I accept the invitation without hesitation.
You are not my luck like a lucky charm.
I received grace  from God because you are my salvation.

We are  an indestructible companionship.
I adore you like no other.
Like neat handwriting ,our love demonstrates beautiful  penmanship,
We are beautiful together.

Two hearts connected and joined together into one
Like two routers on one whole network,
I look at you and realize life is sweeter than a honey bun
Two loved ones connected like the roots of  a plant to the dirt.

Your my Fionna, I’m your Shrek,
I’m you Romeo, your my Juliet,
I’m your prince charming, Your my Cinderella,
Your my Nalla, I’m your Simba.

I am your world, You are my Walt Disney,
Your love have put a spell on me.
Our affection for one another expose the world that love is a beautiful demonstration

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