The Demonstration Of Your Love

The sound of your voice alone gives me butterflies.
You are a blessing to my soul.
The smell of your scent makes me high.
You are more precious than gold.

You welcomed me in your life with open arms.
I accept the invitation without hesitation.
You are not my luck like a lucky charm.
I received grace  from God because you are my salvation.

We are  an indestructible companionship.
I adore you like no other.
Like neat handwriting ,our love demonstrates beautiful  penmanship,
We are beautiful together.

Two hearts connected and joined together into one
Like two routers on one whole network,
I look at you and realize life is sweeter than a honey bun
Two loved ones connected like the roots of  a plant to the dirt.

Your my Fionna, I’m your Shrek,
I’m you Romeo, your my Juliet,
I’m your prince charming, Your my Cinderella,
Your my Nalla, I’m your Simba.

I am your world, You are my Walt Disney,
Your love have put a spell on me.
Our affection for one another expose the world that love is a beautiful demonstration

Black People Are A Step Behind

I was very hesitant to upload this blog becuase this deals with racism. I am a black man and I know racism is something that exist and I wrote a poem to demonstrate that black people are always a step behind. My black followers that are reading this will definitely relate. To my white followers, this poem is to not make you feel uncomfortable at all I am just expressing the truth and I treat people according to their character , not becuase of their skin complexion.  So I don’t want my white followers to be offended and believe it or not just like how some  whites discriminate blacks, some blacks discriminate whites. I met black and white  people that I couldn’t stand and I met white people and black people that I loved. If this poem makes anybody uncomfortable, I truly apologize.

Can I go at least a year of peace?
I need room to cross the sea.
Doing the breast strokes with style but can’t stay above water.
Blood thicker than water
but I can’t swim in blood neither.
Blood and water drowns me
realizing  that they both run deep.
Didn’t realize that when I took a leap in.
Always belived  black men can’t swim.
Jealous of all the  white children
all together floating and swimming.
Black children and white children always a difference.
Black children born to a world with violence and ignorance
but yet no human is perfect
White children known as well to act ignorant and belligerent
but the public rarely witness.
Water is their friend but water is our enemy.
Hell  sometimes blood is our enemy.
We can’t swim becuase we made to believe to be lazy,
but also sometimes it’s lack of confidence
that fuck with our conscious.
Another black kid unconscious and he is drowning.
Lifeguard on his chest pounding, inside his mouth breathing.
After 5 min we hear him coughing finally regained consciousness.
Now he fear the swimming  pool now all of a sudden underconfident.
His strokes weren’t consisitent and he thought the pool was shallow.
Practice the strokes when the water was shallow
but the deep water gave him a battle  more than he could handle.
White man ask him are you alright, but inside  laughing at what the black man can’t handle.
Black mother throws a temper tantrum.
Making a scene thats so embarrassing screaming at lifeguard
Lifeguard apologizing to the mom but deep down he don’t give a f*ck
Black people in this world are shit  out of luck

Tired Of Being Possessed 

Lonely and misery 
so I think of sucide
This is what I’m feeling
I believe I should die.
I love  heaven
so I should surrender my life.
I fear hell
so my life
should not yet be scarficed.
Angel on my right shoulder
Demon on my left shoulder
Part time job as a pastor
to seek forgiveness in sinners.
Also a part time music composer
on certain days my heart is colder.
Demons torture me like a run away slave
without no type of warning.
I should at least get warnings
like the kids on beyond scare straight
My pain I choose to hide
like a gun in a safe.
So I pray to God today
to help me walk straight