Pro-life vs Pro-choice 

I wrote this  poem to demonstrate what people go through (especially men). Pro-life and Pro choice is a very controversial topic. Sex is very very powerful and the older I get, the more I believe and support sex after marriage. When we are caught up in the moment, we don’t think about the consequences of our actions until it’s too late. Some people believe sex with the right person is additive. To be honest, I think people  that are addictive to sex are weak minded(apologize if I offend anyone). I am not judging if you are an individual that’s weak minded when it comes to sex because we are all weak minded to at least one activity.  But when you are addicted to sex, it will control your actions causing you to things that you couldn’t even imagine. Sex is almost as powerful as money and will consume you if you are not mature enough to handle sex. I believe, just like money, sex can be the root of all evil. That’s why I wrote a blog yesterday about how men should teach their teenage sons on how to use a condom. Sex is a pleasurable joy that we all should love, but at the same time, sex shouldn’t be an addiction. I believe there should be a rehab for sex addicts. 

Well below is the poem I wrote and please leave a comment on how you feel about pro-life vs pro-choice 

I think to myself ” I cannot believe this has happened .”

I cannot go to my parents since I’m ashamed of my actions.
When I  heard the words from her mouth,
her voice sounded like an elderly woman catching the Holy Ghost.
The thoughts on my mind became loud, but I’m still  not making a sound
while she’s  on her timeline on Facebook already starting to boast.
Wish I  wasn’t already a man so my father can be there to cross the street and hold my hand.
5 years past 21 but still not a man,
but eventually I  have to train and prepare him for manhood.
I know I  have to get rid of the skeletons  in my closet, but I ‘m not ready to be honest.
 She see’s a half moon rotated sideways below 1/2 inch below my nose.
9 months God will bring a blessing to this world, but 2 weeks ago the rejected angels conquered   my mind and soul.
Controlled my every move like a video game character.
The joystick gets  bigger and  powerful like mario grabs the flower.
Drenching , spitting, and  relasing everybit of the white liquid inside of her
and joystick hot like the castle of Bowsers.
I felt victorious  like mario recsuing the princess after I showered.
I now realized when you act like an adult you must take responbility that’s all part of being an adult.
But I ‘m thinking like a coward hoping she will commit a legit murder,
to eliminate  the weight off my shoulders.
So I  got 18 weeks before the 20th week ,so hopefully beyond our control, the fetus  will be deceased

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