Before I Grow Old

As a child  brought up with parents who demonstrate the meaning of love. 

Spoiled with kisses and hugs  mom and dad provided more than enough
comfort and support.
I got older and became grown, but for a while I felt alone.
The lonely nights  watching soap opera while sipping on patrone.
I have the gift of being romantic,  I can set the tone.
I can set the mood with  candles on the table.
Express myself, I  want to but I’m not able.
I was almost starting to think true love was a fable
like how I  think TV is overrated now so I  don’t  need cable.
I went to the supermarket and she came out of nowhere.
All I  could do is  stare but I am so afraid to come near.
The gold earrings on her ear, she like the finer things.
The box braids  in her hair, the design was too unique.
The outfit that she wears, and the high  heels on her feet.
It was like heaven was near, she looked like an angel with wings.
She passed by me and  smiled,
but like a coward I got nervous  and put my head down.
I was making up excuses saying there was people around,
just to keep myself from making a frown.
I’m trying to make the situation not as bad as it seems,
but if my friends were around, they would of mocked me.
Few hours later I’m home watching TV as usual until I get sleepy.
Now  that same girl from the supermarket is now on top me.
My hands explores the beauitful  curves while she’s riding me.
Kissing  my neck while grabbing on to me
with the strength of a nine month pregnant lady.
Ironically, I’m screaming loud like a pregnant lady with labor pains.
This workout is  so intense, our bodies covered with sweat and veins.
Then to show her who’s boss I  picked  her up and   lean her against the wall.
Grab her ass for support, the vagina getting pounded by my balls.
Like shoulder pads to a dummy, my penis is driving the pussy.
She’s repeatedly saying “I love you daddy”
I say “I love you too honey”.
Just as I was about to erupt like a volcano,
I woke up my head spinning like a tornado
Disappointed  that I  woke up alone as I
look at the stains on the pillows  and now I  have to replace those.
Will I ever find love before I grow old

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