Teach him 

The most important thing I think men should teach there sons is to how to properly use a condom.

There are so many single mothers in this world struggling to take care of their children.

It’s not fair that an innocent little child have to grow up without  a father. It takes 2 people to bring a child in this world.

Over the years I noticed that unprotected sex is glorified and I believe  that’s very ignorant. It is our responsibility to teach the youth about safe sex

Unprotected sex is only acceptable if both the men and women go to a clinic and have gotten checked out for STD’s and also discussed the use of contraception. In this generation so many people are having babies before they reach the age of 21. So many women are single mothers and so many men are stuck paying child support. The problem is we have too many deadbeat fathers and so many women becoming mothers for their own benenfit only to get a child support check. Believe or not, there are so many young men that don’t know how to properly use a condom. Sone men and women just don’t care and believe that an unexpected pregnancy can’t happen to them. Sometimes the condom breaks but we fail to use emergency contraception. If people learn to use protection  and wait until marriage to have unprotected sex then there would be more functional families and there would be more men that’s willing to take care of their children. An activity that brings so much pleasure can also bring a lot of pain, mentally, and physically if we don’t take precautions.

Please use condoms!!!

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