Pick Me Next

For years I hope things would get better,
but now realize at 27 nothing last forever.
Now I feel like Japan in 1945 when the bombs dropped.
Destruction lies within the center of my heart.
For years I search for glory but tragedies seek me.
I play hide and seek with sin but the demons travel forcefully every time to seek me.
I’m trapped like a death row inmate with no light at the end of the tunnel.
I understand exactly how it felt to be Tookie but he still remained humble.
I stayed away from gangs as a youth, but church sermons didn’t subdue my struggles.
I been baptized with Holy water but the skin still remains dirty.
Even though I haven’t reach thirty and I know it’s too early,
I’m ready to not open my eyes tomorrow morning.
I always wonder what it feels like to be a man that’s blind.
To not see able to the sun set or rise.
To not see the rain or snow falling from the sky.
To not see tears from a babies eyes.
To not see the organ in between a woman’s thighs.
To not see the difference between black and white.
To not see the stars at night.
To not see fireworks on the 4th of July.
You can take my eye sight away and give someone else that’s blind.
I always wonder can a blind man have dreams in his sleep
since he don’t know what pictures he sees in his mind because images to him is nonexistent,
like Santa Clause on Christmas

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