Don’t Tell A Soul(Part 2)

Please read part 1 before you read this story

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I look at the cable box and it’s 9 p.m on Christmas day.

While the radio station is on hot 97 playing “Jumpman” by Drake,

I say to my wife ” I have an confession to make”

but then I hear the sound of the doorbell and I stopped myself from  what I was about to say.

I get up to go to the front door wondering who would be at my door this late.

It was my brother’s wife (Michelle) with tears falling from her face.

I’m curious and I say,

“What brings you hear so late?”

She says “Kile'(my brother)’ was shot in the chest at work today,

and I don’t know if he gonna make it to see another day.”

Aww for heavens sake this is a fucked up day as I think to myself.

I go to the bedroom and tell my wife,”Honey a family emergency just came up my brother got shot and I gotta go.”

She say”I hope he’s okay and do you want me to go with you babe?”

I say “No it’s okay, but I pray that he’s okay.”

She said “Okay drive safe!”

Then I rush out the front door

and all the previous stressful thoughts about my side chick I choose to ignore

while I’m driving 75 miles on residential streets speeding.

I’m remaining calm, but I feel like fucking screaming .

My mind is on tunnel vision.

I’m thinking about my brother and nothing else matters.

I went from driving 75 miles to driving 85 miles per hour.

I drive to Nassau Medical Center parking lot.

Michelle  and I run to the front entrance but then we get stopped,

by a bald head security guard.

He ask, ” How can I help you?”

“I’m here to see a patient, he was shot” I say.

The guard says “Follow me, and sorry for the bad news.”

He leads us to the ER room.

I go to the front desk and say to the lady with the caramel complexion

working behind the desk, “I’m here to see a patient, Kile Brown.”

She tells me to sign in and have a seat.

I’m in the ER, bored as hell staring at the vending machine,

listening to the boisterous group of kids running, and Michelle is watching TV.

Each minute passes by feels like an hour.

I’m hot and sweaty and I could use a shower.

I reminisce how I was sexing Brittany(side chick) in the shower.

Michelle ask me” How do you get that mark ?” pointing at my neck.

I really got it from Brittany when her nails were digging into me

while she was kissing me.

But I lied and said” I got it from work. I got scratched by pencil rod.”

She stares at me cold and hard,

like I was a lying remedial retard.

Then I hear my name called.

I walked up to the desk and the lady says”Go through the double doors

make a left and he’s in room 6B.”

Michelle tells me ” I have to use the bathroom to pee.”

I said “Okay just meet me in room 6B.”

As I go to the room, I swear to God I wish I was fucking dreaming.

I see a nurse and it’s Brittany and I felt like fucking screaming .

I couldn’t tell but it looks like she’s leaning over my brother.

I get a closer look and they are kissing.

Then she looks at me and she don’t say a fucking word.

I say to myself this bitch is a fucking hoe.

But why am I surprised that’s something that I already know.

I look at Kile and I’m like “Bro!”

He quiet me down and tells me “Don’t tell a soul!”

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