Don’t Tell A Soul Part 3

Please read part 2 before you read this part. Part 2 is on my blog page
So now I’m in total shock and I’m like what the fuck happened.

I stepped out the room for a brief moment, gathering my thoughts  realizing that everything that’s happening is so  drastic.

I sarcastically say to myself “This night is fantastic.”

Now I have to pretend in front of Michelle that nothing happened.

Michelle comes and approaches me and ask “How is Kile?”

I said “He’s fine but let’s not  stay long he’s tired and needs sleep.”

She stares at me coldly as if I just gave her the creeps.

“Geezz” she says “What’s your problem? That’s your older in there dying how could you be in a rush to go home?

I made some bullshit excuse about work  and tell her that Kile  only wanna see her alone and wants her  close to him.

I couldn’t keep a straight face so I had to turn to the side as I was making a grin.

I told her that she can spend the night if she want to and I would  pick her  up in the morning.

She say” No it’s okay I will take a cab in the morning.”

I hugged her and headed toward the elevator  not looking behind.

Now I head out the hospital doors, saunter to the parking lot, and I had alot on my mind.

I hopped in my car, but my car doesn’t start.

I accidentally left the headlights on and I said into myself “Damn why is everything going wrong?”

A blue Honda pulls up in front of my car and it looked familiar.

Then all of a sudden it hit me, realizing it was Brittany.

She roll the tinted windows down and ask me “Do you need a jump?” she says sarcastically

She stares at me for a brief moment. She winked at me and then  sped off the next second.

“What a scandalous bitch!” I said to myself  “She can go straight to hell.”

Now I go towards the trunk to look for my  jumper cables then I noticed, using my peripheral vision that I have a flat tire.

Now I’m hotter than an electric fire.

I want to strangle that bitch Brittany strangle  her neck  with cable wires.

I know she had something to do with this and right now I’m sure  she celebrating with laughter.

I know she stab my front right tire to remind me how I use to behind her over the passenger seat and dick her down.

I’m feeling like a clown but I got to get it together.

“Now what do I do, should I call my wife to give me a ride?”

“Think, think, think shit  fuck it” and I called her up on my sprint but it went straight to voicemail.

That’s odd becuase becuase her phone is always charged,

and when I left home  her phone was on the charger and it was 100% charged.

I’m even more annoyed and I look behind

me becuase I thought I heard a voice but I didn’t. I’m  beginning to become  paranoid.

 I remain calm and dialed my house phone and the strangest shit had happened.

A man picks up my phone and says “I’m fucking your wife in your own home!”

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