A Walk On The BoardWalk

My face is calm like the wind.

Calm breeze and I listen.
Alone and abandoned but not afraid
as the angels show me the way
to the end of boardwalk.
Strangers still ask me if I’m lost
I respond saying “I follow ways of the Lord”.
Naked  black lady soak in a tub with bubbles.
Lights out but bathroom  sink surronded with 4 lit  candles.
This description is the mood I’m in with no warning or preamble
to my ephinoy
Similar to the ephinoy  of Martin Luther king when he had a dream
Brainstorming with a clear head  as I walk slowly.
Look to the left of me and admiring the nice  scenery.
The sound of the ocean and the reflection of light on the beach
as the sun sets.
Gladly the night is rather what I accept
since the absence of the sun can subdue the sweat .
My rib cage felt so wet like a  man in kingston wearing  a  jamican tank top.
Now suddenly I come to a stop.
I reached the end of the boardwalk and ahead I see the water.
Put my hand on my chest and listen to my heartbeat.
A voice travels through my ears like music  and  
“Follow my dreams” is what I hear

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