Tired of being the nice guy

Life is  so complicated,
to the point where the good guy gets frustrated.

Always the ones that’s helpful
towards the ones that act disrespectful.

Kindness taken for weakness,
so seeking revenge is your darkest secret

Go above and beyond to receive a blessing and salvation,
but in return get stabbed in the back with a deadly weapon.

Like a cycle, this happens over and over.
Feeling cold and hopeless like a homeless man  in December on the first day of winter.

Nice guys finish last.
The bad guys move right pass.
They look back at you call you a sucker and laugh.

Nice guys are stepped on like stairs.
Nice guys are first round losers like losing first in musical chairs.

Nice guys get used,
mistreated and abuse.
Like an apple-tree, people pick and choose the nice one
to eat through and abuse for  their own benefit.
So sad, so selfish.

Everybody supposedly likes the nice guy,
but who really appreciates the Mr. nice guy?

Tired of acting nice to people
that act evil.
Trying to be nice was a mistake I can’t take back,
but being straightforward and saying whats on my mind is right because no one but myself have my back.

Like dinosaurs my patience is  now nonexistent.
This is a story not a poem I’m on a mission
to teach people a lesson.
Hurting feelings well now that’s expected,

in return for allowing myself to be disrespected.
I will avenge the death of my nice side
through automatic transformation.
Welcome to my bad side

6 thoughts on “Tired of being the nice guy

  1. 1. I love your blog…
    i’ve not read all your posts and i will. But this particular Post caught my attention.

    I do get what you are “saying”, Sometimes we run out of patience with individuals and other things. But esp with people but i think it is smart to give people the benefit of the doubt.

    The world is full of shitty…effd up people. But you cannot just be “bad” coz other people treat you as they shouldn’t. Be different, Speak you mind…It might come of as being brutal but its “the ruth”

    If you are “Nice”, you forever will be “Nice”.
    Its who you are. You can’t Fake it😐

    Great stuff🖒

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