The World Doesn’t Care


I wish somebody would of told me it will be like this.
In a world where it’s only the  survival of the fittest.
Told to pay homage to our elders but yet they sin before I  did.
Looking out for others when your help is needed but when you need help, you left stranded.
You know life is cold when babies are left abandoned by parents thrown in trash cans.
Whether you know better or your innocent,  people don’t show no mercy.
Lack of respect is more common than common courtesy.
Most volunteer to help you when it benefits  their own needs, but when you really need a favor in case of  an emergency those same people are nowhere to be seen.
Drugs and alcohol destroy lives, but even the sober people commit homicides.
The ones that get you distracted  with their kindness by laughing with you making jokes, won’t think twice about not sharing  a dime or worst dropping the dime  on you at any given time.
Committing a crime don’t  always make you a bad guy and being a valedictorian don’t always define you as a good guy.
We tend to believe what we see , but for everything you see behind it, it’s usually a deeper meaning.
Another words a person should be judged  by the content of their character,  but the content of character is neglected when that  person is the people’s favorite.
This is the true meaning of dick ridding.
Speaking of dick ridding, females so fast be fucking the wrong type of guys.
Type of guys that lie, just a fuck boy in disguise pretending to be a nice guy.
Quick to let a fuck boy hit on the 1st night after a late night party.
They dropping those panties a little after midnight in his car or at the hotel and  paid half on the bottle  of Bacardi.
Yet these hoes swear they wifey, because they gave up the pussy.
Most of them have a lot to offer, but men won’t see that  if pussy is the first thing they offer.
Women want to be treated like queens but your actions make you less affordable then poland spring water.
They chase the ones that don’t give a fuck about them, but ignore the ones that will make scarfices for them.
Most men just as bad chasing every females that’s  bad.
Fuck the girl on the block every guy had.
Going in raw then go to they homies and brag.
A week later pee is burning now they mad
talking about these hoes ain’t loyal.
Truth is you knew  she wasn’t  loyal  when she was fucking you.
You knew she fucked twenty guys before you.
You knew she had a  boyfriend but that didn’t stop you .
You knew she was loose, but you choose not to wear a glove.
Now you have a STD that’s  gonna take a while to get rid off.
Now all of a sudden you became a motivational speaker overnight
lecturing the youth  about   treating the  women in this generation  right.
But deep inside you want God to feel sorry for yourself instead accepting that it’s your fault and no one else.
We as humans commit wrong then pass the blame to someone else.

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