I’m prepared

I was raised as a adolescent
with nightmares so unpleasant.
Felt more worthless than a peasant
for lacking the supplements which made it harder for to survival as I  rubbed my belly and felt hunger pains.
My composure was a struggle to constantly regain,
when every minute my stomach growls louder and louder.
My lips use to be chapped and so  white like powder.
Use to be so scrawny I would see a skeleton when I  looked in the mirror.
See the reflection of a dangerous man in front me.
Now have the mindset to stick up a liquor store or plan a bank robbery.
Lack of money makes made me to want to do crazy things.
Going from normal to demented.
Death is the result  for the wages of sin, but didn’t  care about the consequences,
since I  believe in divine intervention so  I  don’t fear trouble because in my heart forgiveness is buried within.
The pressure and weight is on my shoulders then I  think life is like a Roller coaster.
We have our ups and downs.
When things go bad in 2 seconds your life  crash so fast down to the ground.
Heart is fluttering ,from top of your lungs maybe not physically but on the inside you screaming.
But it takes patience as you slowly  make it to to top when you starting off.
There’s always the fast lane and our lives we can’t take it and cheat like an unprepared student.

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