Don’t Tell A Soul

Keeping secrets and telling;

That’s the way of life according to my eyes.

I say things that she believes as I swear to Christ.

Until the day I die, this lie will remain alive.

My wife thinks every other night I’m working overtime.

I’m leaving the house at a quarter past nine and I text the wife Goodnight.

Lying about where I’m going, she believes me as I can’t do no wrong

She is naive and don’t know what the fuck is going on.

As I drove 10 miles to your house since your man is out of town.

I’m sexing you right, and I’m layin it down.

The bed rocking back and fourth.

I got your head banging between the bed post.

Then I pick you up and take you to the bathroom and sex you raw in the shower.

I hit it from the back for about a half an hour,

Until I release my strong load into your vagina.

We were both exhausted and you suggested that we cuddle under the covers.

But I’m not trying to do that,

you’re just a side chick ,

I’ll never leave my wife and kids.

I don’t want our little fling thing to be exposed so don’t tell a soul.

At 5am I go back home on Christmas day,

My wife and kiss me and ask me “How was work last night did you miss me Babe?”

I lied and said ” Of course I missed you and work was great.”

She leads me to the kitchen and made me breakfast.

I tour up the bacon and eggs with cheese and I don’t leave a crumb on the plate.

After I empty the paper plate in the garbage she had a smile on a face.

She said “Babe come to the bedroom I wanna give you your present!”

I head to the bedroom and she was on the bed and she hands me a pregnancy test with a red bow on it.

I see the two red lines parallel and she hugs me and says “Merry Christmas Honey I am pregnant!”

I’m shocked and happy for this blessing.

I tell my wife” I love you” and she tells me back “I love you too.”

I slowly began to take her purple robe off to make love to her on this Christmas afternoon.

It was beautiful we was meant to be together.

Now what’s better than a good wife that loves you more than life.

Then after we finished making love I fell asleep with my wife by my side.

One week later, I go to church with my wife and tell all the church members she is pregnant.

I heard my phone vibrate and noticed I have 5 missed calls from my side chick.

I go outside by the car and I received a text that says “I’m pregnant and I know you said don’t tell a soul but about our affair but I don’t know who the father is”

All of a sudden I wake up and I realized I had a nightmare looking nervous

as a teenage kid getting pulled over by the police and he don’t have insurance or  a drivers license.

My wife was in the bed next to me watching TV.

She saw me waking up suddenly looking around the room as I was sweating.

She asks” Honey are you okay, talk to me. Did you have a bad dream?”

I think to myself, should I confess and tell what’s bothering me and the nightmare that lies ahead of me?

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