Sleepless and tired

To fall asleep such a fight.
I toss and turn at night.
So much on my mind.
Sleep right now is so hard to find.
Right now just thinking.
Mind is in serve processing.
Everyday I am worrying.
Right now I should be sleeping.
But I am sleepless because my brain is on fire.
I am mentally worn out and tired.
I want my mind to be free, but it’s a slave to negative thoughts.
I do whatever it takes to free my mind at all costs.
The negativity is my slave master.
as I think negative, my slave master tells me to think harder,
and when I do my slave master smiles and says that’s better.
So bad I wanna be free.
I want my mind to head to the north and think positively,
So I can fall asleep,
and be at peace.
My pernicious mind and know one don’t even know it.
Your negative thoughts is not a part time job that you can quit.
They dwell on your brain,
like your brain been crashed by a plane.
I am tired and sleepless, I wanna fall asleep,
So I can live a comfortable life and be free.

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