Colors of light and dark

A phenomenon of light,
that makes an object  bright.
Some objects are dark.
Light and dark together is a work of art.

White is a color that makes a person light.
It’s the presence of bright and the absence of night.

Black is a color that expose the presence of the dark,
in a area where it’s hard to see like in a graveyard after dark.

Red is color of your blood,
which is expose when you get a cut.

Blue is the color of the sky,
where the birds choose to fly and stay high.

This exposes the  positive which represents understanding and loyalty.
Also representative a negative image,
like when you singing the blues when going through depression.

Yellow is the color of sunshine,
that stimulates your mental mind.
Represents a feeling of being pleasant,
and good for attracting attention.
Red, blue and yellow are the colors that primary.
What about the colors that’s secondary?

Red and yellow combined makes Orange which represents success and happiness,
but is also represent evilness.

Most visible during Halloween.
Time of the year where evil spirits choose to be seen.

Blue and red combined makes purple which represents power and loyalty, or can  represent something that’s powerless and uncaring.

Makes you think when you eat a purple grape

smoking purple haze.

Yellow and blue combined is green which represents represents growth and harmony.

Green is a great balance between energy mentally and physically.

Green is also a negativity that represents greed and envy that makes a person devious when it comes to money.

This color can make you think so diabolical.
Judas betrayed Jesus for money so its obvious that in ancient times money is the root of all evil.

Red yellow and blue is primary.
Orange purple and green is secondary.
Black and white will always remain the originality.

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