Am I Ahead Of My Time

Life is mixed up like a crossword puzzle. Sometimes happy but sometimes in trouble. Images in my head can be so vivid. If I choose to be violent, I can make a murder scene graphic. Serial killer like Dexter sometimes it cross my mind to take a life since I'm pissed off all the time.... Continue Reading →

Truth VS Lies

Lying makes a situation more complicated. Lying is pretend facts that are not realistic but speaking actual facts isn't either so simplistic. Truth and lies, is all we hear. They say to tell the truth to someone if you really care. But believe it or not people believe what they wanna hear But should you... Continue Reading →

Why So Loud?

Dam Saw her across the street and instantly grabbed my meat. The words I began to speak She smiles as she looks at me. I approached her smoothly with confidence. She needed to be complimented. Told her she was gorgeous She smiled acknowledging my compliment. I responded saying I'm just being honest. When reading this,... Continue Reading →

What’s For Breakfast?

Wake up on an early Saturday morning and my stomach was growling. I brush my teeth, wash my face then went to kitchen. I wanted some coffee so I had the water boiling. I wanted eggs, so I cracked them open and I started scrambling. I needed the butter to cook the waffles on the... Continue Reading →

I’m Slipping

Many mistakes lead to the fallen of my face. Retie my shoe lace and slowly find my pace. My mind is like the rate of change and up the slope I began to accelerate. I'm like an inexperienced driver and unlike the experienced I'm moving a little slower. Both hands on the wheel until I... Continue Reading →

Love Is Military

Military style  and we will last more than  a while. Deadly force and weapons  will keep me disciplined to be supportive  of only your interests. I feel the love  between us it's in  the air. Force is strong  we last forever. Tough like the marines we not like any other. I fight  for us  against... Continue Reading →

Love and Hate

Complete opposites of one another, but yet very similar. Co-existing forces, that come from complex sources. You can give ,receive, have, feel, both, but only love is growth, for the heart. But yet falling in love is so goddamn hard, with each other. Steve Urkel and Laura(family matters). Steve was in war and he won... Continue Reading →

Not About Making, but Saving

Money something we all want and some more than others. Money  can turn friends into lovers. Without money there is not much you can do. "Make the money girl, don't let the money make you." Remember this quote from the movie "Player's Club" Money can be evil like lust, if not handled right. Money can... Continue Reading →


The gift of expressing through stories such as fairytales and fantasies. The images in your head brings out the creativity. You imagine according to your mood or situation, Or imagine in your state of tension. Imagination revamps your life by creating your inner freedom, That comes  to you within with or without a valid reason.... Continue Reading →

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